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Guest Rolex

[METHOD] Tactics on how to use Influencer’s IG stories to build your OWN profile. Influencing the Influencers

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Guest Rolex

I’m going to show you how to leverage and use influencers ego’s to your advantage to grow your own instagram following easily. Every influencer needs to create a constant stream of content for their social media. But more then content, these influencers need to create social proof and have the perception of influential authority. Influencer’s content needs to be created every day, but moreso it needs to provide VALUE to the influencers audience while also ensuring that they are an authority in their space. In short… influencers need high quality converting content that serves many purposes. So YOU are going to help them with that, and at the same time grow YOUR account, YOUR following, YOUR sphere of influence for FREE…without influencers not even noticing it!

I’m going to show you a quick and easy tactic you can start using literally after reading this. Here’s a brief breakdown but 100% Read the REST of the document in full.

The concept is simple… You are going to find an influencer that’s in YOUR niche / category and find a piece of content they have put out (that might be a latest post, podcast, video, IG story, etc). After you have watched or consumed the influencers content, you are essentially going to do a “review” or “social commentary” on that influencers piece of content. Once you have your version of that influencers content created, you’re going to publish and promote that new piece of content via an Instagram Story video on your account. There’s key things that NEED to be in this video to be effective that i’m going to briefly go over right now, and in more detail as we scroll down the document. In your re-created piece of content you’re making from the influencers original content, you are going to talk about, discuss, and hype up the influencers original content, but with YOUR point of view and narration that only adds MORE value to the influencers original piece of content.

Here’s a very SIMPLE example below:



This is a very simple example, but notice how they added MORE commentary and “hype” to Lewis Howe’s original post? In the most simple way, they just added a caption talking about how they enjoyed the podcast. And what was the result? Lewis Howe’s REPOSTED their original Instagram Story just giving him some simple kudos. Now imagine if you stacked that with proper call to actions, proper structure on how to GET influencers to repost it, and clear reasoning as to why Lewis Howes follower should follow YOU from his simple repost? Now imagine if you did that with 50 influencers weekly, all in the same eco-sphere as Lewis Howes? Lewis Howes, Jay Shetty, Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett, Trent Shelton all have the same audience. Imagine if all those social influencers just happened to repost YOUR instagram story everyday of the week. How would their common audiences perceive YOU? If you kept being popped up on their Instagram Stories… would they just be curious to follow you?

The biggest thing here that makes it worth wild is… you are going to TAG that influencer in the instagram story you create, notifying them of the story, giving them the opportunity to view it and repost it. With YOUR credentials, username, and free promotion.

The key thing is you are adding commentary and providing added value that influencers can’t resist to repost. From this, they will indirectly give your account a “shotout” as it’s a repost with your original credentials in it.


Here’s a brief breakdown of the process and mindset. PLEASE again, read the full document to get a step by step on how this process works to it’s fullest extent.

On your piece of content, that’s going to be posted on your Instagram story, we are going to be giving the influencer a decent amount of praise to the influencers piece of content we are talking about, so it ensures the influencer will repost the your instagram story on THE INFLUENCER’S Instagram story.

There is a sequence of events in how this should be created, organized, and structured. Please follow all the steps and read all of it before jumping around. I’ll do my best to explain in detail as much as possible.

FIRST story will have them tagged in it, a BIG caption about how praise worthy they are, you talking about how great it is. While simultaneously be promoting your own self, your own brand, your own CTA. Influencer’s will most likely repost it to share to their audience. You leverage them with social proof, they leverage you with a free shoutout.

Please read the entire breakdown, to really get a detailed understanding on the entire scope. DO NOT SKIM, DO NOT cherry pick this. Start to finish.

Theres moving parts to this that should be read in full. Don’t half ass read half of this, and get half results. Please read throughout the entire steps but if you want to jump to the content pieces itself, move on past THE PROCESS and directly to “Creating the Content.”



Influencer Analysis
Make sure that the influencers are active on their instagram stories. You don’t want to do this with influencer’s who are not active on stories, because the likelihood that they are actually going to repost to their stories is slim. They don’t even use stories for themselves. The more active the more likely.

  • STEP 1: First define and determine what keywords are niche relevant to your brand, and list at least 10–15 keywords that we are going to choose to target influencers in this space.
  • STEP 2: Using the spreadsheet linked here CLICK HERE TO OPEN on sheet 1 (KEYWORDS) list out each one of your keywords on the 1st column titled; “Niche Related Keywords”. See example .gif below:


  • STEP 3: Now that you have selected our keywords, you are going to go find influencers that fall under each keyword and list them out. You want to list out every influencer that fits under the keyword so you can choose test and see who reposts, and erase other influencers that don’t engage and repost.
  • NOTE: Once you have finished adding all your relevant keywords, you are going to move onto adding them into column 2 automatically. When you add keywords on the first column, it will automatically be listed out and displayed in column 2 in a dropdown menu for you to automatically choose from. See example .gif below:
  • 0*pJonmsTYYacFSxnY
  • STEP 4: Once you find an influencer we are going to put list their username and their keyword they fall under. You want to keep track of every data point so you can run through the analytics later and get a predictable and repeatable outcome for each influencer we are targeting. The lower the numbers, they get removed.
  • . See example .gif below:



  • STEP 5: Once you have all of our keywords, and influencer list completed, you are going to move over to sheet 2, the bottom tab named “INFLUENCER DETAILS” that’s colored in green. You are going to copy and paste everything in column C (style sheet 1 titled: Influencer Username ) into Column A (style sheet 2 titled: username ) . See Image below:



  • STEP 6: You are going to repeat the same process for keywords. you are going to copy and paste everything in column B (style sheet 1 titled “Niche Related Keywords” ) into Column B (style sheet 2 titled Keyword Category). See Image below:



  • STEP 7: Once you have our list of keywords and influencers, you are going to deep dive into their follower count and Engagement Rate, as well as list what type of content they post on their accounts. That way you are prepared to talk about one of their pieces of content, ego boost them, and get them to reshare for their own vanity and social proof. Visit Ninjalytics.com and quickly enter their username and get their average account profile ratings. The more likely they are a match and will repost your content, we are going to mark them with a 3 star rating. Notifying us that this is videos we should work and focus on above all others.



Here is a link to a folder with both photos AND video samples of current influencers doing this very thing without even realizing it!

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-1ap2gPQXki0-RypQ8w9YEPeHelotd2M 1

Are any of these good examples? Not really. WHY? Because YOU can do better with the guideline I created below. Let’s get started

How to create the Content
You are going to be ONLY posting instagram stories with YOU in the post itself, along with you TAGGING the influencer you’re reposting. Make sure on the INSTAGRAM STORY you type out something, in written text on the post, that gives WRITTEN credit and hype to the influencer. Additionally say and give credit in video, with you saying it out loud vocally on camera. This way the audience can hear, see, and read all the same value points and make it that much more powerful and stronger. Again you want to influence the influencer to repost YOUR instagram story on THEIR instagram. Enabling the influencers audience to see YOUR post / content and give their audience the potential opportunity to follow you.

STEP 1: Go to your google sheet, and go through each 3 star influencer first, and follow their pages, or just turn on notifications for new content they post. This way you can figure out what pieces of content you are going to choose to talk about and post. This can also be older content you can talk about, but ideally something that’s been posted in the last 24–48hrs, as they are also trying to keep momentum on new content they posted and are actively trying to get their audience to consume.

STEP 2: Create an INSTAGRAM STORY with you on camera talking about the piece of content the influencer produced. Essentially you are going to be doing a strong Recommendation, and a call to action to see this influencers post. You want to vocally hype them up but also make sure it relates to your profile, your business, and your CTA. MAKE SURE you also have giant written text on the instagram story giving credit and providing “hype”. One MAJOR thing to keep in mind is the first 15seconds of your video has clear goals and objectives as to what needs to be in the video. Use the formula below and then evolve it to how it fits your needs.

Here’s an example of the breakdown in which you should say on camera.

  • (0–5secs) Hook / Hype. Telling everyone they need to STOP what they’re doing and check out this AMAZING life changing (insert their content here) that you just seen!
  • (5–10secs) Talk about some KEY points as to WHY they need to check it out. Very quickly “If you want to take your business seriously and stop playing games WATCH THIS”
  • (10–15secs) I’m gonna tell you the 3 BIGGEST things I took away and INSTANTLY got me 2x’s more sales today

The idea is you want to try and flatter the influencer, create a hype / call to action for the influencer, and give the ending video a “cliff hanger” for your OWN audience to keep watching (Better Engagement) but also the opportunity for the influencer’s audience to get curious and go check out your profile. We also want to try and visually add these into the Instagram text via text, tagging, hashtags, and locations. Please move to step 3 for a better example.

Example of text ON instagram story BIG and bold

STEP 3: Make sure to add YOUR username in your instagram story @YOURusername that way you also get an extra boost of credit, instead of the only thing being shown in the repost is your profile name / username on the top left corner. IF you have a location check in for your business, make sure to include that somewhere in your OWN IG story we just created. Again the point is, we want to create HYPE so they feel massively inclined to repost your story but ALSO cater to our own specific needs and growth.

Yes this is over the top, refine it to whatever fits your niche, but the key element here is to really hype them up so they feel inclined to post your instagram story.

STEP 4: NOW THE REST OF THE IG STORY CLIPS after this first one will still include you Tagging them but you giving more of your personal commentary on what that piece of content is, and essentially talk about it but in YOUR own way, and relating it to YOUR business so that YOU look like an authority figure as well. Not a fan boy/girl but someone they should ALSO listen to. So the first video is the MAIN HOOK that the influencers will repost. IF the influencers decide to post your ENTIRE instagram story with your ENTIRE thoughts… awesome! But if they don’t, you have created enough hype and curiosity with the last few seconds of the first video, the influencers audience will more likely be inclined to see what else you had to say. As well as still providing your EXISTING audience value and not just randomly cutting it off from there.

You are going to leverage multiple things in this process.

  • You are leveraging the influencer’s audience by having them repost your content.
  • You are getting in the eyeballs of the influencer themselves for possible future collaborations or greater likelihood they will repost you since they become familiar with your account.
  • You are creating content and opportunity for you to simply do commentary on an existing piece of content, allowing you to provide VALUE to your existing audience.
  • You are gaining followers from the influencer(s) account and adding into your followers / sphere of influence.
  • The instagram story (From clip 2-finish) gives you the opportunity to provide extra value and inserting your sphere of influence in this field.


  • Make sure to SPEAK the same way that your influencer does. Mimic and personality mirror in a way that you know the influencers audience will resonate with. If the influencer’s content is typically loud, do that in your IG story video (so their audience instantly resonates with the same energy).
  • BEFORE you upload your Instagram story and tag the influencer in it. Send a message first saying, “CAN I SHARE YOUR (whatever the content is) ?! PLEASE.”

This is the first thing they will see when going through their DM requests / Replies. The influencer will see this from all the other content and will actively check that first. I do actively seek and look for those type of messages in my higher influential clients inbox’s AND my influence clients actively seek for those type of messages, tags, replies themselves. Make it easy for the influencers and influencers team to find and post your high authority driven free promotional content to the influencers instagram

  • Don’t just only go after BIG Instagram influencers, try to find and utilize small influencers between 5k-100k. Smaller influencers are trying to build up their rapport and will most likely take any and all free endorsements and testimonials possible.
  • Ideally PUT YOURSELF in the IG story with you recording yourself in video with the attached post in the box on your IG story. If you can’t or don’t want to be in the video try and be as creative with a simple screenshot as possible. Doing the same suggested tips up above.






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I am grateful for your help.

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I truly appreciate the confidence you showed in me.

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Thank you for your assistance.

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I value the insights and guidance you provide.

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thanks for sharing

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 am grateful for your help.

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