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  1. eCom Blueprint is a case study based course designed as an extension of my YouTube channel. I reveal my one-product store that generated over $1 million in sales in 5 months (20% profit) and show exactly how I started the store, scaled it, and managed the operations. The goal with this case study course is to show you all the theory that I teach on my channel in practice and give you a concrete example to follow. What You Will Learn How to select a proven product to build a one-product brand around How to create a one product brand and position yourself as a market leader How to kickstart your sales and gather data using cost-effective IG influencer ads How to use Facebook ads to take your store to the next level and generate sales consistently How to scale one product to $5000/day in profitable ad spend with Facebook ads How to effectively automate order fulfillment with a dropshipping agent and lower your costs How to hire VAs and properly structure your customer service team How to develop the winning mindset you need in order to succeed Based on an in-depth one product store case study – $1 million in sales in under 5 months More Reasons to Join Get access to a private Facebook group with direct access to me and other group members Get access to copy & paste templates for structuring your customer service team Get the contact information for my dropshipping agent to automate your fulfillment Requirements You understand the dropshipping model and you know how to fulfill orders You know how to set up a simple store with Shopify You understand the basics of online marketing (social media marketing, Facebook ads, etc.) You’ve watched my “Free Course” playlist on YT already, and you want to take things to the next level [Group buy] eCom Blueprint by Gabriel St-Germain.txt
  2. Derek Rake – Conversational Seduction - $39.97 How to talk to women and create powerful, intense attraction… using deep, hypnotic and intimate conversations Learn how to make meaningful, lasting and seductive conversations… beyond small talk, false pretense and shallow flattery STOP AND READ THIS FIRST ConversationalSeduction is not for everybody, and if you’re looking for any of these things then you should stop reading this page and go look for an alternative elsewhere. It’s not about routines and magic games as popularized by the so-called pickup artists (PUAs). It’s not about wearing outlandish costumes and top hats to catch a woman’s attention. It’s not about building your inner game, visualizations, affirmations or any kind of “new age” hocus pocus. It’s not about “black magic”, “seduction occult” or anything that “forces” a woman to like you. It’s not a book about getting laid in 30 minutes. CONVERSATIONALSEDUCTION™ IS NOT A MAGIC BULLET ConversationalSeduction is not a gimmicky quick-fix solution. Techniques inside this program require practice, and will not turn you into a suave player with a silver tongue by this evening. Instead, if you’re willing to immerse yourself in the program and do the simple-to-follow exercises, then you will quickly master the art of talking your way into a woman’s heart… using proven rapport-building strategies anchored deeply in the science of human psychology and advanced persuasion. There’s absolutely no guesswork involved… as this program is backed by hardcore science. LEARN HOW TO TALK TO WOMEN WITHOUT RESORTING TO SLEAZY “PICKUP ARTIST” TRICKS Here’s what ConversationalSeduction can do for you – Learn how to make meaningful, authentic and seductive conversations… beyond small talk, false pretense and shallow flattery Discover our famous “Pre-ConversationalSeduction ritual” – do these two things even before you talk to a woman and she’ll develop attraction to you even before you say anything to her Know the best way to make eye contact – a simple way to create instant attraction even before you say a single word The Insecurity Buster – use this simple mind hack trick that completely annihilates your anxiety around women… forever The lost art of “seductive listening”… and how you could just keep quiet and let a woman talk her way into liking you! How to throw “hints of attraction” towards her and make her respond to you The correct way to flatter a woman – use these five easy methods to weave flattery into the conversation without sounding like a desperate kiss-ass The correct way to flirt with a woman – so that she develops sexual feelings for you and not see you as a mere “friend” How to work the crowd like a pro… use this technique to create instant social proof and make her see you as a desired Prize to win over How to nail the “Getting To Know You” phase – list of ten ready-to-use questions that will catch her attention and melt the ice immediately The Humor Factor – how you can make a woman lower down her defenses… by making her laugh The art of touching – how to turbo-charge your conversational seduction with physical contact (warning: do this wrong and you’ll risk getting slapped across the face!) The Calibrator – know exactly what she’s thinking, and more importantly, if she is starting to like you using these surefire attraction (and “dis-attraction”) signals and body language signs The art of small talk – how to maintain conversation flow so that you can avoid the dreaded awkward silence The dinner date conversation flow – the definitive ten-step blueprint to talk your way into her heart during a dinner date How to know when to stop – most guys will never have a clue about this (and that’s one of the biggest reasons why they fail) Where to meet women – outside the typical bars and club scene Four powerful new tips and tricks you can use on a woman you just met – “Jukebox Jam”, “Friendly Comp”, “Talk Tech” and “Get The Scoop” – use these and you’ll develop quick interest and attraction in a woman in a matter of minutes The surefire way to get a date – now that you know how to talk to a woman and get her interest, you’ll need to know how to “seal the deal” and get her to want to go out with yo How soon is too soon to call? Call too quickly and you’ll sound desperate; too late and she’ll forget you. Get the definitive answer to this age-old question here The Reconnect – little-known techniques that you can use to get in touch with a woman after a date… and how to get things moving into where you want them to be (another date, or to your place) The Seven Deadly Topics that you must avoid like a plague… these will sabotage your chances with women like nothing else! Phone-specific conversational seduction tricks and tips – you’ll never get this from anywhere else. With these techniques, you’ll be as suave as you can be over the phone BONUS 1: Email Seduction Formula by Derek Rake BONUS 2: Ten Conversation Bullets by Peter Storch BONUS 3: Humor Seduction Guidebook by Colin Simone BONUS 4: The H.O.T Technique – Transcript by Colin Simone Derek Rake – Conversational Seduction.txt
  3. 18 YEARS IN THE MAKING My fully optimized, step-by-step system for manufacturing the sex and dating life of your dreams ONCE UPON A TIME… I got tired of that shitty feeling of walking past girl after girl and thinking “what if”… Truth was: I knew absolutely nothing about women. I was an 18-year old engineering student who simply didn’t “get girls”. No girlfriend. No dates. No sex life. (Yep, I was a virgin when I started.) But I had one thing going for me… I DO NOT QUIT UNTIL I REACH MY GOALS In all those 19 years, “knowing what to do” has been a major reason behind why I got as good as I did. While other guys wallowed in mental masturbation and inaction, I committed to taking SMART ACTION. Action focused on building one thing and one thing only: A REAL SKILLSET. And that’s exactly what I did. DO YOU WANT THE ULTIMATE SKILLSET? I OWE MY ENTIRE DATING LIFE TO THE SYSTEM THAT I’VE SPENT TWO DECADES PERFECTING. But it didn’t come overnight. I still remember how hard it was all those years ago. ✓ The anxiety ✓ The confusion ✓ Countless rejections ✓ Just plain BAD GAME Looking back on it now, I spent months and years wasting my time with theories and styles that simply didn’t work. TWO DECADES OF OPTIMIZATION LATER…. WHILE MY FIRST FEW YEARS IN GAME DIDN’T COME EASY… …enduring massive rejections, trial and error learning, and a ton of confusion. I eventually started having major breakthroughs that led to the skillset and system that I’m about to share with you. A system comprised of skills, mindsets and strategies that have worked wonders for me.Skills such as… ✓ Flawless Opening ✓ Consistently hooking her interest so she stops and pays attention ✓ Sparking attraction with every word ✓ Flirting and sexualizing the interaction ✓ Leading the interaction forward and being the guy who knows what he’s doing ✓ Escalating physically, emotionally and logistically ✓ Getting her to chase YOU ✓ Taking her home And yes, these are just THE FUNDAMENTALS! WITH EVERY SKILL THAT I ADDED TO MY ARSENAL… …I STARTED SEEING MY RESULTS MULTIPLY. Skills that eventually added up to a complete system for meeting and dating the women I couldn’t even approach years ago. The ULTIMATE SYSTEM. And one that as a coach for the last 17 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to share with thousands of my students.Guys that are no different than you. AND BY THE WAY….YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND TWO DECADES TO GET TO MY LEVEL That’s because I’m about to give you something I wish I had when I was starting… …my fully field-tested system for success with women and dating. There’s only one thing left for you to do: GET STARTED! The No B.S. step-by-step, action-based course for reaching unimaginable success with women and dating The course is full and complete, except INTERVIEWS videos, which are not available yet (coming soon). When videos from this section are available it will be added as update. [Download] The System by Todd.txt
  4. How We Started And Scaled Our Online Marketing Agency To Over $10,000 In 30 Days. When You Join 30 Day SMMA, You Immediately Get Acces to The Entire Program PLUS More Lifetime Access to All 7 Modules ($4,997 VALUE) You will have LIFETIME access to over 15 HOURS of valuable videos. Everything from setting up your business to the ultimate OUTREACH and how to be a savage at SALES to DELIVERING RESULTS to keep your clients happy to SCALING to MULTIPLE 6-FIGURES! LIVE Meeting Footage of us Closing Over $30,000 ($1,997 VALUE) You won’t see this anywhere else! Live meeting footage of us CLOSING $30,000 on Skype… PAID on the spot! You’ll have access to this so you can replicate this for yourself. Meeting & Sales Scripts, Email Templates, Contracts + More ($1,497 VALUE) Our exact meeting script that allowed us to close every single one of our clients! The killer sales scripts and outreach templates so you can CLOSE clients! You will have our contract that allows us to keep our clients for a minimum of 3 months AND so much more! Support + Feedback in Our Private Facebook Group ($1,997 VALUE) Live group calls twice per month to help troubleshoot your specific problems. Whatever you need help with, we are available for you on these exclusive calls! We are also active in the group daily to help you with any of your questions! Coaching from Jovan and Quenten ($1,997 VALUE) You will be able to book one-on-one calls with the both of us which is only for 30 DAY SMMA STUDENTS! If you have any questions or you need help – we are here for you! Class Curriculum Module 0: This is the Start Start The 30 Day Plan (5:22) Start The Private Facebook Mastermind Group Start Do NOT Give Up – Take It One Step At A Time (2:26) Start Do The Work. You Have To. (2:22) Start Follow This Template Step-By-Step (5:31) Preview Why Businesses Will Pay You so Much Money (3:10) Preview Know Your Worth (4:03) Start STOP! Don’t Be Nervous (2:21) Start Who to reach out to and how (2:08) Start Outreach Psychology (it’s a numbers game) (3:23) Start Pre Outreach Confidence (1:58) Start Start Sending Out The Open Space Script (Facebook) (2:43) Start The Secret Market Place (Facebook) (5:57) Start The Student Approach (3:53) Start The Trial Approach (3:46) Start Time To Get On The Phone! (2:03) Start What To Do After The Open Space Script (3:39) Start The 5 Rules of Sales (8:08) Start The 3 Things You Need (3:31) Start How To Sell The Facebook Ads (5:46) Start Pre Meeting Confidence (3:04) Start What to Say in The Meeting (The Ultimate Meeting Script) Start Real Estate Agent for $7500 ($2500/month) LIVE Start Analytical Breakdown! Start Another Real Estate Agent for $7500 ($25oo/month) LIVE Start Analytical Breakdown! (25:36) Start Congrats! You CLOSED! (3:20) Start GOAL: Land Your First Client! (1:36) Start Getting Paid! (3:45) Start Facebook Ad Rundown (10:44) Start Who Pays For The Ads (3:07) Start How to Sign a Client! (3:33) Start Contract Templates Start Client On-Boarding Checklist Start Open Space Script & More Start Professional Facebook Posts Start Final Words (2:22) Introduction Start WATCH THIS FIRST (5:19) Start Follow This Template Step-By-Step (5:31) Start Do The Work. You Have To. (2:22) Start Student Success – $13,500 Client for Nolan G Start Thank You for Choosing Pristine (0:59) Module I: Preliminary Work Start The Formula for Success (5:38) Start Setting Up Your Domain (3:09) Start Setting Up G-Suite for SMMA (9:27) Start Setting Up Your Payment Processor (4:19) Start Integrating Auto-Billing for Recurring Revenue (3:35) Start Setting up Skype Numbers (4:11) Start Building Case Studies (11:16) Start Case Study For You Start Schedule/Meeting Setup + Syncing with Mobile Device (5:46) Start Charging Tax (HST/VAT/ETC) (5:36) Start Setting Up Your Website In 60 Minutes or Less (Template Included) (3:07) Start Setting up Facebook Business Manager (6:01) Start How to Request Facebook Access (1:22) Start How to Stay Organized (2:41) Start Why You Need a Business Plan by Henny Yeshanew (8:26) Start Expectations, Proposals, and Terms of Agreement by Joshua Daniel George (8:02) Start How to Sign Clients Virtually (3:33) Start (.PDF) Our Contract Template Start (.PDF) Client On-boarding Checklist Module II: Ultimate Outreach Start Running Your Business Virtually (#SkypeCloseGang) (4:02) Start Outreach Psychology (3:23) Start DO NOT USE ALL OF THESE METHODS (2:12) Start How To Approach Outreach I (5:23) Start How To Approach Outreach II (3:55) Start The Top 3 Methods of Outreach (6:31) Start Free Trials VS Paid Trial – What to Do (10:53) Start Setting Up Servers for 24/7 Automated Scraping (3:28) Start Lead Scraping Software Tutorial (11:17) Start Alternative Lead Scraping Software (5:55) Start Buying Leads (2:40) Start Simple Mobile App Setup To TRIPLE Your Cold Calling Success Rate (5:22) Start Automated Email Outreach (26% Reply Rates) (9:14) Start The Ultimate Email Follow Up – Landed a $4,500 PER MONTH Client From This! (7:29) Start Simple BUT Effective Follow – You Will Be Surprised (2:25) Start LinkedIn Outreach (Automated) (7:28) Start Case Study Pixel Tracking Strategy (3:46) Start Instagram Outreach (Automated) (11:35) Start The Time-Zone Strategy (2:32) Start Automated Voicemail Outreach (8:03) Start Facebook Outreach Strategy I (Ad Review Strategy) (6:09) Start Facebook Outreach Strategy II (Group Strategy) (9:09) Start Facebook Outreach Strategy III (Fully Automated Strategy – No Ads Required) Part 1 (5:45) Start Facebook Outreach Strategy III (Fully Automated Strategy – No Ads Required) Part 2 (8:49) Start The Referral System Outreach by Joshua Daniel George (3:58) Start Outreach via Screen Capture by Avi Grondin (15:42) Start Upwork Outreach by Bradley Riley (13:22) Module III: Sales Mastery & Close Footage Start Psychology of Sales (5:14) Start Goals With Sales (1:58) Start The Sales Cycle (3:32) Start The Five Rules of Sales (8:08) Start Sales Tonality (4:57) Start The 3 Things You Need (3:31) Start Emotional Selling VS Logical Selling (4:39) Start The 4 Types of Personas (6:49) Start Objection Handling (3:48) Start The Attention Grab Method (12:13) Start Ruthlessness in Sales (3:43) Start Pre-meeting Confidence (3:04) Start (.PDF) Our Meeting Script/Structure Start Close #1: E-Commerce Brand for $13,500 ($4500/month) LIVE Start Close #2: Real Estate Agent for $7500 ($2500/month) LIVE Start Close #3: Another Real Estate Agent for $7500 ($25oo/month) LIVE Start Close #4: Spa Salon for $8000 ($2000/month) LIVE Start Failed Close #1: Real Estate Agent Start Analytical Breakdown of Close #1 Start Analytical Breakdown of Close #2 Start Analytical Breakdown of Close #3 Start Analytical Breakdown of Close #4 Start Skype Closing + iMSG Switch Strategy (4:25) Start The Triple Yes Strategy (6:08) Start The Price Drop & Silence Strategy (4:22) Start The Babystep Payment Walkthrough (5:39) Start Creative Followup Method I (3:20) Start Creative Followup Method II (11:13) Start Creative Followup Method III (5:39) Start Intro To Sean’s Calls (Why They Were The BEST Cold Calls) (2:13) Start Cold Calls & Booking Meetings by Sean Bell PART 1 (LIVE) (4:35) Start Cold Calls & Booking Meetings by Sean Bell PART 2 (LIVE) (9:51) Start Cold Calls & Booking Meetings by Sean Bell PART 3 (LIVE) (6:42) Start Cold Calls & Booking Meetings by Sean Bell PART 4 (LIVE) (7:48) Start Enterprise Sales by Avi Grondin (2:52) Module IV: Facebook Ads & Delivering Results Start Introduction to Delivering Results (4:00) Start Lead Generation – Two Types of Forms (intro) (1:32) Start Landing Pages VS Facebook Native Lead Gen (6:18) Start Part 0: Intro to Client Setup (1:08) Start Part 1: Setting Up The CRM (3:35) Start Part 2: Setting Up Profitable Facebook Ads & Lead Gen Forms (7:39) Start Part 3: Integrating with Zapier (6:19) Start Part 4: Back To The CRM (5:11) Start Part 5: SMS Followups to SKYROCKET Your Converisons (11:09) Start CRM Pricing Trick (2:40) Start Scaling Facebook Adsets For Local Lead Gen (9:02) Start Management Content Gathering Chrome Extension Hack (3:56) Start Automating Social Media Management Posting (3:39) Start Delivering Results on Instagram (Fully Automated) (3:04) Start Successful Facebook Ad Examples Start $16,000 Worth Of Revenue in 30 Days [SPA SALON CASE STUDY] (24:47) Module V: Scaling, Team Building & Outsourcing Start Team Members VS Virtual Assisstants (5:47) Start Employees VS Contractors (5:32) Start Finding Superstars (6:27) Start Scaling Too Fast (6:16) Start Communicating & Password Keeping with Slack (3:42) Start Asana for Virtual Assistants (6:50) Start Cold Call Tracking Sheet (7:40) Start Scaling & Networking by Henny (11:41) Start Team Management by Henny (8:11) Start Outsourcing by Bradley Riley (PART 1) (8:17) Start Outsourcing by Bradley Riley (PART 2) (9:13) Module VI: Surprise Bonus Module Start How To Do an SMMA Business Partnership (7:00) Start An Extremely Profitable SMMA Service NO-ONE Knows About (9:50) Start The $27,000 Beer Close (7:04) Start “The Counter” – A Sneaky Method of Outreach (6:40) Start Handling A Client That Has Left You by Joshua Daniel George (8:49) Start Scaling by Mastering Your Niche (7:01) Start Structuring Your Bank Accounts by Avi Grondin (13:47) Module VII: Unstoppable Scripts, Secure Contracts & More Start Website Template – Setup in Less Than 60 Minutes Start 3-Month Contract Template Start On-Boarding New Clients Checklist Start Automated Email – Step-by-Step Start Email Templates Start Using A Scraper Software Start How to Triple Your Cold Calls Start Ultimate Cold Calling Scripts Start Objection Handling (Cold Calls) Start Ultimate Meeting Structure – Script Start The Triple Yes Theory – Step-by-Step Start The Payment Walkthrough Start Successful Facebook Ad Examples Start Cold Call Tracking Sheet (Your Army) Start Employee VS Contractor (READ THIS!) Start The Most Effective Outreach Approaches Start The Five Sales Principles Start Professional Facebook Posts [Download] Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic – 30 Day SMMA.txt
  5. [Download] [Coursera] Introduction to Psychology as a Science (Georgia Institute of Technology) This course deals with an Introduction to Psychology as a Science. Psychology is the study of behavior and the mind. But all of us have tried to understand and predict behavior throughout our lives, first with our parents, then with our peers and teachers, and finally with our friends and co-workers. The difference is that psychological scientists conduct research that discovers the facts about behavior and our minds, so its principles are based on science and not just on intuition and experience. The course covers all areas of Psychology, discussing scientific findings relevant to each area. The content of the course has received approval from “Quality Matters”, an organization that evaluates on-line courses. The learning outcomes are: (1) Students will be able to recognize and describe major psychological principles, theories and perspectives; (2) Students will be able to distinguish between different methods used by psychological scientists to study the different areas of psychology; (3) Students will be able to describe the “nature-nurture” controversy across different areas of psychology; (4) Students will know that the basic principles of psychology are based on sound research; and (5) Students will know how the nervous system and other biological systems are involved in understanding behavior and the mind. Introduction to Psychology as a Science Download.txt
  6. In this remastered ebook I'll explain and show you some tricks/tips to actually receive your Social Engineered items and stay safe. How to get a drop address.txt
  7. [ FreeCourseWeb ] Udemy - The Front End Web Developer Bootcamp What you’ll learn: code front end of the web page Convert any web page into mobile optimised theme. Write custom Javascript code Write code in jQuery Use any pre built libraries in JS and jQuery Convert any Template into required one Take online web development projects and complete them understand codes in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, javascript and Jquery Course content Expand all 128 lectures19:12:50 –Introduction, getting the development tools and basics of HTML 01:09:03 A quick look at projects that we will build in this course Preview10:19 Introduction to the front end development course 08:55 A personal talk Preview04:06 Collecting and installing developer tools Preview12:01 Structuring the files and creating first file 08:52 Text tags 11:00 list items 07:10 Ending with challenge and solution 06:36 Get Your Exercise files here 00:04 +Div, tables and Forms with Challenge to create FB page 7 lectures01:02:24 +HTML 5 semantics and adding audio, video and YouTube to web page 3 lectures24:16 +CSS – Box model, color selection, Google Fonts and Font Awesome integration 5 lectures56:26 +Web development projects – GYM and Sushi Restro Templates 4 lectures45:05 +CSS – classes, ID’s, parallax and project to edit template 9 lectures01:37:00 +CSS – box sizing, gradients and TODO list project 6 lectures56:08 +Getting started with Bootstrap – Tour and creating landing page project 10 lectures01:33:49 +Project – Pokemon Corporate site, yahoo selling page and Admin Dashboard 11 lectures02:16:35 +Grabbing the tools to learn and write Javascript 2 lectures11:14 12 more sections Requirements No pre requirements to start this course we will need a few FREE editors (covered in videos) A simple browser, ohh wait, you already have that Some developers addon on your browser (covered in videos) Description Welcome to the Complete front end development Bootcamp. This is one of the most comprehensive bootcamp available online. So, if you are new to web development, thats great news because starting from scratch is always easy. And if you have tried some other courses before, you already know that web development is not easy. This is because of 2 reasons. Either the web development course might be missing projects, or might be focusing on too many things at a time. When you focus on everything, in a short duration of time, it is very tough be a great developer. Udemy The Front End Web Developer Bootcamp.txt
  8. Steve Tan – The Ultimate Ecom System | 13.6 GB “Who else wants a 30 day, in-depth education on how to grow an ?E-commerce business from ZERO to $1MM a Year or $1MM a Month. FAST?” THE ULTIMATE ECOM SYSTEM The Ultimate Ecom System ( is a 4 week online program with the sole goal of creating a profitable e-commerce business and getting it profitable in as short of time as possible with step by step proven methods DIRECTLY taught by 8 figure e-commerce experts Steve Tan and Evan Tan. Upon purchase you will be given instructions on how to register for the member’s area of this program. The pilot program starts on May 1, 2018, and new modules and training videos will be unlocked weekly, for 4 weeks. The program will begin by showing you step by step how to find winning products, test them, scale them, and build a team who can help you scale your business profitably. This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience BUT also has A LOT of advanced principle, systems, and strategies for those who are looking to make $1MM per year or $1MM per month. Through the 4 week course you will get everything you need to create or grow an e-commerce business quickly and profitably. Week 1: Finding Winning Products How to setup your store so it gets people to buy How to find winning products over and over again Best places to find products that can go “viral” Store setup essentials required for maximum success The “anatomy” of a winning product Week 2: Launching and Testing Our exact product testing system that quickly separates? winning products from losing products How to launch ads that grabs your customer’s attention How to target correctly and quickly find audiences that ?have the highest probability of converting into customers How to fulfill orders that come in efficiently Week 3: Building Your Dream Team Our system for finding, hiring, and training superstars. How to find and negotiate with vendors and suppliers who ?can give you the best quality at the best prices. Advanced strategies your team can use to find hot products ?that “fly off the shelf” The type of team members you need for ?a 7-8 figure business Week 4: Scaling Systems How we scale from $1k a day to $10k a day. all the way ?to $100k+ a day Inside the mind of an 8-figure E-commerce entrepreneur How we turn up the profits by increasing conversion, ?average order value, and life time customer value How to prepare for rapid scaling. Summary The Ultimate Ecom System ($7,500) Access to members only FB group ($2,000) Advanced Scaling and Mindset Training ($2,500) Real World Value: $12,000 Start TODAY for just $2,500 Looking For A Refund Policy? If you are already thinking of “failure” before we even get started, then this is NOT for you. We are only looking for people who are excited to take action, ready to go all in, and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Like I said, this is about creating SUCCESS STORIES for us. THIS IS OUR LEGACY! So we can’t risk having anybody in this group that doesn’t have what it takes to succeed. and it starts with how you SHOW UP. You have seen PROOF with your own eyes that our stuff works, and people get results. You’ve had a “taste” in your mouth of what our content is like in our last 3 videos, and all the jam-packed golden nuggets we have on our FREE Facebook group so you know what kind of value to expect. If you FEEL in you gut that this is something that can change the course of your E-commerce business (and life) moving forward, and If failure is NOT an option for you, then this is for you. Once you join, and you’re IN, then you’re FULLY IN. and there are no refunds. There’s no middle ground or grey area here. You’re either ALL IN or all out. If you join, and implement what we teach, this can be the most profitable investment you’ll ever make. If you don’t, you’ll stay exactly where you are. At this point, it’s not a question of “Does this work?” anymore. It’s a proven fact. The only question is “Are you going to be our next success story?” [Download] Steve Tan – The Ultimate Ecom System.txt
  9. -Description Short- A Native Ads Master Course -The Why- This is a full A-Z guide on how to successfully launch affiliate and CPA marketing campaigns with Native Advertising. -The Price- $497 -Demo Link- [Hidden Content] [DOWNLOAD] BAMF Affiliate Blueprint -A Native Ads Master Course.txt
  10. [DOWNLOAD] BAMF Affiliate Blueprint -A Native Ads Master Course -Description Short- A Native Ads Master Course -The Why- This is a full A-Z guide on how to successfully launch affiliate and CPA marketing campaigns with Native Advertising. -The Price- $497 -Demo Link-[Hidden Content]
  11. [Download] AthleanX - Athlean Xero YOUR BODY IS THE GYM ATHLEAN XERO is an intense all out bodyweight assault, requiring absolutely no equipment. You literally need your own body and that’s it, making it possible to perform these workouts any where at any time. From dorm rooms to hotel rooms, military barracks to the most desolate surroundings or ill equipped gym…XERO leaves behind the machines, and the excuses! With ATHLEAN XERO, you are the machines! 3…2…1…XERO, the wait is over. The revolution in bodyweight strength training has arrived! WORKOUT/CHALLENGES HEISMAN HITMAN =Hut…Hut…Hike! It’s on. The “Heisman Hitman” (or should I say H.I.I.Tman) is here. This football inspired workout strips out the iron from gridiron and leaves you with one bodyweight-only beast! THE OCTAGON =Your heart is pounding as you stand face to face with your toughest opponent yet – yourself! It’s time to step into the Octagon for one of the most fearsome fight simulated workouts yet! Will you tap out? THE GRINDER =Take a classic exercise and put an evil Athlean twist on it and you get The Grinder. The good news? It’s easy to follow. The bad news? Out of all the elite athletes that have been given this test, most fail! THE ATOMIC CLOCK =The Atomic Clock defines precision! But in order to “beat the clock” here, you’ll need more than just muscle control – you’ll need to generate power that is downright volatile! Tick,Tock your body IS the clock! You’ll see! BONUS CONTENT THE INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE “X-FACTOR” MEAL PLAN Regardless of whether you’re training with equipment or without, there is no underplaying the importance of nutrition when it comes to seeing fast results! Having the energy needed to take on one grueling workout after the next (which you’re going to be facing in ATHLEAN XERO) and completing the program in just 6 weeks from now with more noticeably ripped, athletic muscle than you have today is going to depend on one thing…having your nutrition “X-Factor” in place! Consider yourself covered. What you’ll receive with Xero is the most effective, easy to follow, no measure, no calorie count day by day nutrition plan that even a kitchen novice can handle with ease! NO MEASURING OR CALORIE COUNTING VARIETY (OVER 105 MEAL OPTIONS!) EASY ENOUGH FOR ANYONE TO FOLLOW DAILY PLANS (BROKEN DOWN DAY BY DAY) THIS IS NOT A “DIET” (EATING IS ENCOURAGED!) ADAPTABLE TO YOUR OWN TASTES AthleanX - Athlean Xero download.txt
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  13. Do you know when to pull the trigger? Do you find you sell and suddenly the price skyrockets? Or perhaps you buy, and the price drops? Have you ever found yourself in a trade, your positions currently in the red, and wonder if you should sell? Protecting your capital is important right? So you sell at a loss, and wonder what went wrong, only to watch your ticker drive up into the green? You’re not alone. Finding the right time to jump into or out of a trade is one of the most challenging aspects of trading. We often hear from traders who are constantly frustrated by timing! Understanding the importance of timing and the most readily used indicators and techniques represents the best way to consistently find the best entries and exits for your trade plans. At the Chart Guys, this is the one area we find impacts traders of all skill levels. From those who are just starting to read charts to 10 year veterans who making a living trading high volatility options, one of commonly asked question is “Is it a good time to Sell and lock profits?” We have developed this course in order to help our members understand the methodology behind answering this question. This course will help you identify the best possible entries and exits you can make and maximize your return per trade. This course pack covers topics such as Psychology, discussing how ones own emotions can betray them, and more importantly, how to over come those very emotions. Moving through the Trading Plan module you will learn to develop and execute highly organized trading plans, utilizing the skills developed in the Indicators and Overlays module. Next you will work through Bullish & Bearish strategies, learning how to recognize and exploit actionable signals. The remaining modules, Setting Price Targets & Risk Management help you develop your trading plan even more effectively. Next, an introduction to the daily preparation method used by ChartingmanDan can help you develop your own approach to trading life. Lastly, a special bonus module introduces the concept of trading with Chart Patterns, a powerful highly visual trading methodology that can be used to validate all of the techniques taught in this course. We thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you find this course to be a valuable educational experience. [Download] The Chart Guys - Entries and Exit Strategy.txt
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  15. Forbes Robbins Blair – Genie Within DELUXE Program Search … Previous Next Forbes Robbins Blair – Genie Within DELUXE Program Forbes Robbins Blair – Genie Within DELUXE Program THE GENIE WITHIN DELUXE “Your Wish is Granted” This is An Innovative and Fascinating Way to Harness the Hidden Secrets of the Law of Attraction with the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Get What You Want Out of Life! This law of attraction eBook + Audio mp3 package comes in a downloadable package. What Do You Want to Attract? More Money Attract Love and Success Manifest a Job, a Car, a New Home Increase Your Sex Appeal Become a Luck Magnet The Genie Within Deluxe shows you how to acquire your own “magical” genie lamp and use it to make your hopes come true. The real magic, of course, comes from your mind. The Genie is a symbol for your subconscious mind — the part of you that possesses great power to change your life and draw success to you using the Law of Attraction and self-hypnosis technique. The ebook guides you to use the power of your imagination to evoke your Genie and command it to manifest your sincerest wishes. By following its 10 Steps of Wishmaking, there is virtually no limit to the kinds of desires your mind can fulfill. The audio narration with music (called the Guided Wishmaking Session) will put you in the right frame of mind. Table of Contents Introduction Laws of Attraction and Manifestation The Power of Symbols: What Makes a Genie Lamp “Magical” Magic Lamp Quest Where to Search for Your Lamp Using Your Lamp for the First Time Treating Your Lamp as Special Your Inner Genie The Magic of Make-Believe Personalize Your Genie Respect Your Genie Guidelines for Wish-Making What to Wish For What NOT to Wish For 10 Steps of Wish-Making Guided Wish-Making Sessions Honoring the Wish Reaffirming Your Wish When and How to Expect Results What if Your Wish Doesn’t Come True How Often to Make Wishes Best Time of Day to Evoke Your Genie Frequently Asked Questions Keeping Track of Your Wishes About the Authors Bonuses Included: 1 – Six ways to supercharge your genie 2 – The Anatomy of Wishes 3 – Aladdin and His Magical Lamp (story) 4 – The Kybalion Use Your Genie to Attract Money and prosperity – You can ask to receive more to enjoy life more. Material things – Wish things that you would like to acquire, such as a new television, a car or a home. Vacations and travel – Want to travel somewhere, but you can’t afford it? Just wish for it. A new job – Dissatisfied with your occupation or career? Wish for a new or better one. Love and friendship – You don’t have to be lonely! Your Genie can put you in touch with the right people. Wish for that the perfect mate, partner or friend. Sex appeal – Sex appeal is not just about looks. Wish to enhance your sexual allure or prowess. Beauty or handsomeness – Request to make yourself more attractive. Confidence -W ish to become bold, assertive and confident at work or in social situations. Physical and mental wellness – Ask to overcome your mind/body challenges. Good luck – Need better luck in contests, games or sports? Ask. Although the ebook and audio program is a lot of fun, it’s not a novelty. Created by two clinical hypnotherapists, the program utilizes proven manifestation, hypnotherapy and applied psychology principles which come from classic and modern research. It’s a tool to help you focus your mind’s natural seemingly “magical” abilities. The main ebook package includes a 64-page instruction ebook, and an original audio-music narrative called The Guided Wish-Making Session which lets you focus your natural power to manifest reality. And don’t forget the four bonuses. There’s never been a more intriguing, imaginative way to use the Law of Attraction and auto-suggestion! Free Bonuses: BONUS #1 – Six Ways to Supercharge Your Genie This e-article quickly reveals 6 powerful and easy ways to intensify your wish-making sessions. Utilize any or combine several to build a stronger rapport with your Inner Genie (your subconscious) to make your wishes come true! BONUS #2 -The Anatomy of Wishes: Or How to Make Affirmations Powerful The wishes you ask for require belief and strength to materialize. This short e-article takes the current research about affirmations and gives the best tips so you can make them more powerful and real. A great addition. BONUS #3 -“Aladdin and His Magical Lamp” story. To get yourself in the mood, we’ve included an evocative story told in the style of Ancient Persia. We’ve formatted/designed it for easy reading. BONUS #4 -The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy. This powerful volume is a study of the timeless metaphysical truths of Ancient Egypt and Greece. This ebook explains the seven principles of Hermetic Philosophy in plain language and will give you a solid understanding of how the Laws of Manifestation work. Every serious student of the Law of Attraction needs this classic! Genie Within DELUXE includes: printable 64-page .pdf ebook guided wishmaking audio mp3 4 bonus gifts (pdfs) PLUS two audio (mp3) manuals (85+ minutes of audio total) created by the author to explain how to make the most of the power of the Genie Within! [Download] Forbes Robbins Blair – Genie Within DELUXE Program.txt
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  19. Brendon Burchard – The Four Gates to Lasting Change | 1.84 GB Our community has been so incredible to me this year. Per our annual tradition, heres the full 2016 rundown on how far youve helped share my message of motivation and high performance: 1. This year, we crossed 50,000,000 views on my YouTube channel. Overall, across all my sites, weve now had over 100MM video views and people have consumed over 9,000,000 HOURS of my training online now. OMG OMG. 2. Were just about to pass 5,000,000 fans on my Facebook page! On average, 25MM people see my posts each week across my pages. And yes, I still personally post every single thing you see from me on IG and FB. (Oh yeah, so I started on Instagram). 3. You kept my iTunes podcast in the top 10 self-help for the entire year – now two years in a row! (Android users can now listen on Stitcher Radio). Thats sort of huge for a show without guests or sponsors. I just dont want those lame podcast ads blasting in your ear! We turned down four seven-figure sponsors this year because I think you deserve to hear positive education without ads. I self-fund everything, so I can only maintain this because of your support of my books and courses – thank you again! 4. As you know, I dont do traditional media. But I did do two this year: Oprah interviewed me for her O Magazine last January and Success Magazine ranked me in the Top 25 Most Influential in Personal Development. These opportunities and rankings happen because of very public results and reach meaning YOU! With the release of my next book in 2017, Ill finally do a media tour. Ill focus online mostly, but yeah, Ill be out there. Ill probably be in a city near you in the Fall. Ill announce dates in Spring 2017. 5. You made the anniversary edition of Lifes Golden Ticket a 1 bestseller. This is the book most near and dear to my heart. Theres lots of talk about making it a movie, so fingers crossed. Its the perfect Christmas gift so go grab it today. 6. You packed the rooms at High Performance Academy seminars. Next one is in San Diego, March 9-12th! Get tickets here! Im excited to share HPA is now the first empirically proven personal and professional development seminar to significantly increase high performance scores. I believe the results it gets has a lot to do with YOU – our amazing audience that shows up and levels up everyone else. 1000-plus people will be there. Hope youll join us and kick off the new year in stride and strength. 7. Every book I recommended in 2015-2016 hit the New York Times bestseller list. You guys love books! My friend Paulo Coelho has a new book out that I didnt get a full promotion out for, but its the latest recco: The Spy. 8. Over 1,225,000 of you have now completed a video series or online course from me. You love learning online! Ill be creating 4 new courses for you in 2017! 9. YOU succeeded, you grew, you shared your stories with me and all over the web. Im honored to have such a thoughtful, inspired high performance audience. I love how you honor the struggle, strive to live your best life, proudly share your voice, care about inspiring others. Ultimately, hearing your stories is the only thing that matters to me on this list. I love and appreciate each of you, and I think of you daily when I write my posts and dream big things. 10. You implemented. The number of our students achieving remarkable things continues to wow us. Love to hear your success story here. Having the opportunity to write and train for you every day is a great blessing. I take it seriously and Im deeply grateful for your support. There was a time, many Christmases ago, when I was a struggling writer and trainer. I never gave up because I just felt called to do this work. I guess I had a mission – and it turns out that mission was you. Every day, I wake up and ask how I can help you improve your lives and achieve your goals. Thank you for being part of my mornings, all year long. On behalf of my family and team, I thank you for your support. Wishing you and your family a warm and happy holiday season, [Download] Brendon Burchard – The Four Gates to Lasting Change.txt
  20. Brendon Burchard – Habit Builder Series | 7.4 GB Get all 6 Habit Builder courses for HALF OFF NOW! PLUS, you’ll get two tuition waivers to our next High Performance Academy 4-day seminar! The next event is September 28- October 1st in San Diego. (You can attend then or Spring 2018 in Phoenix. You won’t be charged the S997 tuition for two tickets. However, if you choose to attend you will have to reserve your spot and pay a one-time separate materials fee of S97). {%1%} WHAT ARE HABIT BUILDER CLASSES? The Habit Builder Classes feature 8rendon Burchard teaching you powerful strategies and daily practices for improving your performance in all you do. Brendon is the world’s leading high performance coach who Success Magazine calls “the performance scientist” and Oprah Winfrey Network calls “one of the most influential leaders in personal growth.” You get all 6 classes now for almost 50% off! This includes the full classes on Clarity. Energy, Necessity, Productivity. Influence, and Courage! Each habit builder class includes: – 1-2 hours of instruction by 8rendon Burchard – Free before-and-after performance assessment – 5 dally practices for improving and locking in this habit – 5 recommended books to read – 5 recommended videos or documentaries to watch – Daily journal PDF to improve this specific habit – Lifetime access – 30-Day money-back guarantee [Download] Brendon Burchard – Habit Builder Series.txt
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  22. Become a Professional Fundamental Analyst Learn What Most Forex Traders Won’t Learn and Earn When Most Traders Can’t The main reason majority of Forex traders fail is because they do not understand Fundamental Analysis To work at a Forex Trading Firm as A Proprietory trader you must master fundamental Analysis To Work as a Currency Analyst you Must master Fundamental Analysis To Work as a Currency Researcher you must master Fundamental Analysis To be a long term successful Forex money manager you must master Fundamental Analysis Mastering Fundamental analysis is what will make you a professional trader and if you decide to look for employment as a trader knowledge of fundamental analysis is necessary When you take this course you will learn the secrets to fundamental trading that only professional and proprietory traders know. You will learn Fundamental analysis in a simple easy to understand manner (you don’t need a degree in economics) You will learn how to use correlation to predict the outcome of fundamental announcement making money in the process Learn how to predict the results for the Nonfarm payrolls announcement What you’ll learn Learn to make money trading the news like an institutional trader Learn to make money trading the Nonfarm Payrolls announcement Learn how to predict the GDP results using correlation Learn how to predict the CPI results, the Durable Goods results Get a broad understanding of interest rates, inflation and central banks and how they affect the market Learn how to use the Retail Sales, PPI, PMI and other fundamental announcements to improve your trading Understand what is sentiment, risk aversion, risk appetite and how these can impact your trading Learn the five major us Fundamentals Get a deep understanding of economic indicators and how professional traders use them to make money Learn how to make money trading oil Get a broad understanding of how oil prices affect the Forex Market Learn the reasons why oil prices have fallen and the factors that affect oil prices Learn what is OPEC and how you can make money from their meetings [Download] Build A Career In Forex Trading – Learn Fundamental Analysis.txt
  23. Jordan Steen -The Digital Marketing School Alex Becker Review – Scam Courses? Dropshipping & SEO Academy Best MLM to Join in 2019? Top 50 List by Revenue iMarketsLive Review 2019- Legit Company or Pyramid Scam? FOREX Trading Top 5 Best Amazon FBA Courses of 2019, Unbiased Review Wealthy Affiliate Review & Complaints 2019, Does it really work? How to Start a Lead Generation Business & Make 6-7 Figures Online Enagic Review -Legit Business or Pyramid Scam? Distributor Complaints? The Top 15 Future Business Ideas For 2020-2030 5 Best Shopify E-Commerce Dropshipping Course of 2019 Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja Course Review – is it Legit?
  24. [Hidden Content] Greg Morrison OMG Machines Welcome to our totally unique and wildly successful digital marketing community, program, and 90-day system! …where we demonstrate in real time how we harness the “Elephant-in-the-Room” that about 99.5% of digital marketers ignore. Click Play, right below, for a quick intro to what is happening right now at OMG (OneManGang) from CEO David Mills:
  25. Philip A. Covington - The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course -Description Short- (The Best Parts) The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course – The Why- Your Ticket To Success And Financial Freedom! -The Price- $497 -Demo Link- [Hidden Content]
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