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  1. Igor Ledochowski – Unleash the Power of Your Mind Igor Ledochowski - Unleash the Power of Your Mind Dear Reader, Did you know there’s a way to use your mind to achieve even your BIGGEST (most outlandish) life goals? Did you also know that once you discover how to “recruit” more of the power of your UNCONSCIOUS mind — (by accessing some of the 90% that remains dormant in most people) — you’ll be able to naturally (and quickly) overcome troubling emotions – like fear, stress, tension and even life-long phobias? Did you also know you can “switch off” physical pain in your body through self-hypnosis? Lastly, did you know you can improve your memory, lose weight and ultimately become an “enhanced version” of yourself by unleashing the full power of your mind? Maybe not… and you’re not alone… Discovering How To Access (And Make Use Of) The The Power Of Your Mind Has Never Been Properly Explained To You It’s not your fault, you’ve probably heard others talk about the power of your mind – but think about it, nobody seems to be able to actually tell you HOW to access that dormant power and USE it in such a way that REALLY WORKS. Which is a shame – because with the right information and the RIGHT INSTRUCTOR tapping into the power of your mind is EASY, FUN and the RESULTS can be EXTREMELY FAST. It doesn’t have to take years of practice either – you just have to know EXACTLY what you’re doing. However, because tapping into the power of your mind often sounds kind of mystical or new-age-y, most people just assume that they would never be able to get the FULL POTENTIAL of their mind working for them, so they never really experience any meaningful changes in their life. That’s OK. I’m a master at showing ordinary people how to ACCESS and then UTILIZE the POWER of their mind, so help is on the way. The Best System In The World For Harnessing The Power Of Your Mind For Rapid & Extraordinary Results You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on mind-power and self-hypnosis… spend HOURS interviewing every hypnosis master and “mind power expert”, and actually put in HOURS of experimentation trying to access and make use of the full power of your mind. And I’ll bet $100 you’ll miss the REAL secret to ACCESSING and UTILIZING the power of your mind. Or… Listen to the audio program I’ve put together called Unleash The Power Of Your Mind and you’ll consistently access and utilize the power of your mind. Guaranteed. No fluff and NO B.S. The Unleash The Power Of Your Mind CD is the EXACT step-by-step self-hypnosis “KEY” that unlocks the potential of your mind for fast and practical results in your life. Here’s what will happen when you go through the Unleash The Power Of Your Mind CD – you’ll know how to… Achieve virtually any outlandish goal… Release trauma or stress trapped in your body… Eliminate bad habits or phobias from your life… And improve any other work or sports related performance. You’ll be able to do all that and MORE! Put simply: Listening to the Unleash The Power Of Your Mind CD is like putting a jet engine in your car. You decide the “destination” (the goal you want to achieve) and simply by listening to the powerful self-hypnosis segment included in the audio program your mind will go into hyper-drive and you’ll find yourself… Automatically Achieving Your Goals And Outcomes In Record Time There’s no extra work or struggle required on your part either. You just sit back, relax and listen to me (master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski) run you through the guided self-hypnosis exercise. That’s it. Quick tip: It’s recommended you listen to the self-hypnosis segment at least three times. Then you can be sure your unconscious mind will automatically get “tuned up” and “synced” with your conscious goals. And when that happens… well… world, watch out! How I Was Finally Able To Master ACCESSING & UTILIZING The Power Of The Mind About 10-years back…I desperately wanted to know how to “turn on” more of my mind’s potential. Truth be told, the power of the mind fascinated me so much… I literally spent years and tens of thousands of dollars devouring books, glued to hypnosis training videos and “ping-ponging” around the globe studying at the feet of the hypnosis “masters” trying to figure out how to get all parts of the mind (both conscious and unconscious) to “line up” and “zero in” on my goals. It took me a period of about 5 years… thousands of miles in air travel and something like $120,000 in out-of-pocket expense… to finally figure out the most effective (and PREDICATBLE) way of harnessing the full power of the mind. But I finally did it and my precision process has allowed me to achieve some “untouchable” goals and live an extraordinary lifestyle. Now I’ve created this CD training program – called Unleash The Power Of Your Mind – that SHOWS YOU (through a real facilitated self-hypnosis exercise) how you can ALSO access and utilize the power of your mind. It is truly, the best of the best facilitation program there is on the topic, and my “mind power system” is simple and FAST to do so you can be seeing practical results very soon. SIZE: 340 MB SalesPage (more info) Igor Ledochowski – Unleash the Power of Your Mind Contents: Audios DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  2. Martin Merrill – Make Women Laugh Martin Merrill - Make Women Laugh Foreword We can all agree that everyone has a sense of humor. It just comes in all shapes and sizes. As the saying goes, one man’s joke is another man’s poison. Some people may be better at expressing humor that suits more people’s tastes. Some people are just less adept in saying the right things at the right time. And if one doesn’t exercise his or her sense of humor often, he or she goes into a vicious cycle where he loses even more sense of humor. However, no matter what kind of bores you’ve met so far, you know that everyone is born with a sense of humor. But here’s the key point: what can you do with humor? Sure you can have fun with it—or else why do people pay for the comedy shows and those comedy channels? You can also use it to reduce tension, find a great bargain, and keep your children in their seats…you name it! There are a thousand and one uses of humor, and they always (supposedly) lead to an ultimate goal—laughter. Laughter is powerful—much more powerful than most people have ever imagined… and will ever know. Let me explain. Human beings have an obsessive desire to remain consistent. It is psychologically impossible to dislike the person who has already made you laugh genuinely for more than 5 times, because humans can’t handle the incongruity between laughter (liking someone) and disliking someone. In other words, women tend to get closer to a guy who has consistently made them laugh! This not only occurs at a logical level (“oh, being with him gives me so much joy and I want more”), but also at a subconscious level (maintaining consistency). Once we were made laugh by someone, it would be very inconsistent if we still maintained an antagonistic attitude towards that person. Therefore, I use laughter to make women fall in love with me. And the more women I could make laugh, the better I get. But I realize that I can’t possibly make all the women in the world to fall in love with me. That’s why I wrote this book for you. That’s why I’ve decided to share my techniques of making women laugh. I only have this one question for you: why must you learn to make women laugh? Since you’ve bought this book, you’ve made a commitment. And I made a commitment too—to make sure you get the most out of this book and completely transform you into a much more humorous and attractive person. Yeah I know being funny would be a nice quality to have. It would certainly benefit many aspects of your life, and blah, blah, blah… But would it really matter if you stay the way you are? It’s nice to be humorous and all, but why can’t you settle for whom you are right now? Maybe I sound crazy, but what I really want you to think about is this: is making women fall in love with you through laughter a must for you or a should? We never achieve our shoulds. (“I should exercise more”, “I should stop watching TV now”, “I should improve my public speaking skills”…) We only achieve our musts (“I must finish this project by Wednesday or I’ll be fired”, “I must leave now or I’ll miss my plane”…) We all get what we must have. So must you be a funny guy? Intolerance of your present condition can ignite changes just as tolerance of your current conditions will prevent changes. SIZE: 1 MB Martin Merrill – Make Women Laugh Contents: Pdf DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  3. Nick Richards – Sexual Power Words – Sensual Power Words Nick Richards - Sexual Power Words - Sensual Power Words These two books and short video show you exactly how I can “turn on hot women” and immediately have them lusting uncontrollably for me even if I’m not their type. I don’t have to worry about rejection, frustration or knowing what to say because I discovered the exact innocent words that make any woman sexually lose control, and I wrote them in my notebook. These are normal everyday words that an advertising guru used to make millions of women eagerly buy his books. Take advantage of his discovery and make any woman crave you. SIZE: 50 MB SalesPage (more info) Nick Richards – Sexual Power Words – Sensual Power Words Contents: Pdfs, Video DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  4. Badboy – The Instasex Method Badboy - The Instasex Method Hello, my name is BadBoy, and today I’m going to tell you how despite being paralyzed on one side of my body and walking with a humiliating limp… I’ve dated THOUSANDS of drop dead gorgeous women…beauty pageant winners like Miss Croatia… the kind of chicks who are so hot…most guys would consider just making-out with one of their all time greatest accomplishments. I’m also going to tell you how, even though a bullet tore through my 12 year old brain, and stunted my growth and social development… I went from alone and afraid of dying without dating any hot girls… to being voted the #1 Pick Up Artist in the world by PUA Summit…I was even featured in New York Times Bestseller & the Bible of Seduction “The Game”… Because in this brief video presentation, I’m going to share how I exploit this totally unfair piece of stealth technology to see through all the layers of bull that women, your friends…the Internet, and even other so called “experts” use to blind you to the truth about meeting and dating the hottest chicks you’ve ever laid eyes on… Letting you instantly burn a hole through all of her natural walls and defenses…skipping the dating process entirely…NEVER asking for a phone number…NEVER dealing with her tests…NEVER getting told you’re “like a brother” to her again…and NEVER having to worry about being rejected when you make the first move… Once you try my glasses on, you’ll be able to look out into a crowded street, or the shopping mall, or a coffee shop and IMMEDIATELY know which women are down to have sex TODAY…All it takes is one 5 to 15 minute conversation, and she’ll be grabbing your hand, whispering something dirty into your ears…and dragging you to HER place for an all day, all night sexual Olympics… SIZE: 2,6 GB Badboy – The Instasex Method Contents: Videos DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  5. Jay Julio – Cool Guy with Women Jay Julio - Cool Guy with Women Hey guys! How do you handle your dates? Is your approach effective and appropriate? When you date someone for the first time most probably the woman starts to weigh you in. Generally women start with physical traits of a man then it goes to the character of a man. But hey, how can we convince them first to go out for a date. If are thinking what I’m thinking, Yes you’re right, it starts with great conversations. So it means if you are not able start a very sensible and fun conversation, you are losing your chance to have that date and be with that girl of your dreams. Considering that you’ve convinced her to go out with you for a date, this doesn’t mean you have an assurance that she’ll be wanting for a next date or go further. The Cool Guy With Women is an eBook written by Jay Julio. Before he was able to make this book, several years ago he started charting out an effective system that teaches any guy all he steps of dating a woman from the first meeting to getting her phone number to hooking up and eventually getting her as your girlfriend. The book will let you learn a lot of things about successful dating. Some of them are the 10 “secret” signals women send men when they’re interested and how to spot them so you never hesitate or miss an easy opportunity with a woman who’s already interested in you, A simple technique that will literally tell you if a woman is “lying” when she says she has a boyfriend and what to do about it and a lot more. The Cool Guy With Women is a very effective dating program that any guy can follow to achieve successful dates. SIZE: 2 MB [Hidden Content]
  6. Seduce With Style 2 – Vince Lin Alpha Wolf - Seduce with Style 2 Men’s style has traditionally been dominated by fast tips and mass market advice. Learn the true secrets of style and attraction in this Kindle book. What would it be like to instantly create a type of “love at first sight” attraction with women? As a man, has the possibility ever occurred to you that maybe women feel this way about men they dress and look a certain way? Seduce With Style is a comprehensive insider’s guide that shows you how to dress to impress with Attraction Fashion. We go deeper beyond the general fashion advice into psychology Style Attraction Switches… The download includes: all pdfs Seduce With Style Seduce With Style 2.0 How to Get Hot Girls to go Shopping With You How to Get Designer Brands On The Cheap Science of Beauty eBook 30 Days To A Great Body SIZE: 28 MB SalesPage (more info) Seduce with Style 2 – Vince Lin Contents: Pdfs DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  7. Karen Brody – Open Her Karen Brody - Open Her Open Her teaches a man how to embody 7 Masculine Archetypes to engage his woman in a deeper, more passionate dance of love. Each archetype brings a power and a gift, a secret key to his woman’s love and desire. Open Her will inspire a man to love his masculinity and to know the power it holds to open a woman to ever deepening states of pleasure and love. SIZE: 2 MB SalesPage (more info) Karen Brody – Open Her Contents: Pdf, Epub, Mobi DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  8. Tariq Nasheed – The Elite Way Tariq Nasheed - The Elite Way This book, The Elite Way, is designed to give men straightforward rules about dating and relationships without the filter of political correctness. To some, the concept of rules as they pertain to relationships may seem rigid, cold or calculating. After all, we have been taught that relationships are supposed to be based on spontaneity, chance encounters, luck and uncontrollable emotions. Any game or situation you get into has to have rules for there to be order. If you play a game like blackjack or poker, it is gambling, but it is also a game of strategy. That’s why poker is often considered a sport. Understanding and effectively dealing with women is a sport. That’s why men who have mastered certain strategies to get women are often called “players.” Best selling author and world renowned “Game Advisor” Tariq Elite (The Art Of Mackin, Play Or Be Played,The Mack Within,etc) breaks down the 10 essential rules that every man should know in order to effectively deal with women. Comprehending these rules will help any man master the sport of dating and relationships. SIZE: 131 MB SalesPage (more info) Tariq Nasheed – The Elite Way Contents: Pdf DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  9. Bobby Rio – 31 Days to Better Game with Women Bobby Rio - 31 Days to Better Game with Women I know that the 31 Days will be some of the best training you will be exposed to. A lot of gurus are charging hundreds of dollars for similar programs. And I guarantee they don’t touch on half the tricks and secrets you are going to become privy to. This course is going to rock your world. I’m going to make it as easy as possible. I got a lot of tricks… and I promise to share them all with you… 31 Days will change the way you approach your dating life, and the way you interact with women to get dates (and more sex.) But most importantly it’ll will change the way you view yourself. You’ll begin to see the world as truly a land of opportunity (when it comes to scoring.) It will give you power, control over your dating life, and choice of who you are going to be with. Result: You are surrounded by women who want to date YOU. And you become a more confident, charismatic version of YOU. SIZE: 925 MB Bobby Rio – 31 Days to Better Game with Women Contents: Videos, Audios, Pdfs, Pngs DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  10. Ranko Magami (Shark) – Attract and Date 8CD Set Ranko Magami (Shark) - Attract and Date 8CD Set This training set teaches men on how to stand out in social situations and how to approach women with attractive techniques. List of Topics Covered: – How to Stop being a part of grey mass and be different with attractive body language – Delete phobias and start being liked by women – Change your mindset – Erase fears preventing you to call her Right Now – Solve the eternal ‘what to say after the intro line’ problem – Learn to approach groups of women, even the ones with men SIZE: 351 MB Ranko Magami (Shark) – Attract and Date 8CD Set Contents: Audio DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  11. RSD TODD – Attraction Unlocked Todd - Attraction Unlocked Imagine your perfect 10… One second she’s standing there bored, staring at her phone, going about her day. .and the next she’s MASSIVELY turned on. .intrigued. .Mesmerized. .attracted….TO YOU. Already a member? Log in here As you engage her in conversation and flirtation, she goes from being skeptical at first.to curious.to intensely mesmerized. You go from just a random guy on the street to THE Guy she’s been dying to meet her whole life. A cool, confident, high-value guy… … who challenges her and gives her butterflies with just a look and a tease. It’s very on. And it’s only been 30 seconds! You’re a little shocked at first. You try and conceal the excitement of having YOUR perfect 10 practically drooling at your every word. But this isn’t an accident. You didn’t “get lucky” And it’s got nothing to do with looks or money. (She knows next to nothing about you.) Instead it’s got everything to do with what you’re doing. .what you’re saying. .how you’re saying it. .and the critical ATTRACTION SWITCHES you’re flipping one by one. Attraction switches that you could have never even guessed were there just a couple weeks before. The truth is I don’t think about attraction at all. When I go into a club or hit the streets during the day, I’m not worried about “getting attraction” in the slightest. It just happens. Again. And again. And again. At this point, Attraction is pretty much an afterthought. Ok, not EVERY girl. But realistically speaking, a significant majority of the hot girls I approach end up “hooking” in 30 seconds or less. And yes, that’s all the time you need. 30 SECONDS In my experience, if you DON’T hook her in the first 30 seconds, you’re pretty much done. But it wasn’t always like this for me. After years of confusion and hitting my head against the wall, I LEARNED this skill cold. To the point where I don’t have to think about it ever. And so can you. In fact very few people know the complete truth about attraction. That’s because Attraction is Highly Counterintuitive. The guys you assume would crush it end up being practically celibate. And the guys who you think are total losers very often end up hooking up with 5 or 6 new stunners a month. (Not to brag, but I once had sex with 25 women in a month and it was the least productive month of my life.) As a professional dating coach for the last 15 years, I’ve seen my students end up having some of the absolute craziest hookups. Fat dudes pulling porn stars. Short dudes (like myself) with playmates. Regular average guys getting threesomes with the 9’s and 10’s that ignored them in high school and college. And reformed “nice” guys ending up with stunner girlfriends and wives that they could once only dream about. How are these match-ups even possible? What makes some of the most sought after women in the world go absolutely nuts for regular everyday Joe’s? At the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing: Emotions. They don’t want you to hook up with hot girls. Who’s “they”, you ask? Society, your parents, your friends, coworkers, teachers, magazines, movies, social media, etc. They want you to think that only the rich, tall, successful, jacked guys get the hot girls. I’M HERE TO TELL YOU THAT THEY DON’T KNOW SHIT Especially when it comes to sex and dating. For a woman, how she FEELS about a guy usually determines what she’ll end up doing with him. AT THE END OF THE DAY, ATTRACTION IS JUST A POWERFUL EMOTION An incredibly powerful one. Every single hot girl on Earth is constantly on a roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs when it comes to guys, dating and sex. And if you’re aware of what attraction switches she wants and needs flipped. .then you become the outlet for all her sexual and romantic needs and fantasies. The funny thing is that most of the time, 99% of guys HAVE NO F#*@ING CLUE what they’re doing. Even though it was 15 years ago, I remember what not having a clue was like for me. The funny thing is this: Attraction is NOT intuitive for men. When most guys think they’re being smooth and cool, they’re usually actively PUSHING THE GIRL AWAY and creeping her the fuck out! (That also goes for alot of guys that have spent learning the wrong kind of game.) At the end of the day, making a girl attracted to you is a simple process: Flip the right switches, and you have attraction. Accidentally flip JUST ONE of the WRONG switches.and you come off as creepy, pushy, and weird. And the thing is.it’s so damn easy to flip a wrong switch. SIZE: 2 GB RSD TODD – Attraction Unlocked Contents: Videos DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  12. Valentino Kohen – How to Meet and Attract Women Invisibly meet and attract women Valentino goes through anything from how to create sexual tension by imposing pauses, texting, how to feel more confident, winging and much more! Description This is a webrip of Valentino Kohens excellent Youtube-channel This channel is about discovering the real truth of how to BE and BECOME a person that attracts love, money and health into his life while striving for one’s true purpose. Valentino creates breakthroughs in hours, when normally it couldn’t be accomplished in years. Subscribe for weekly content on how to do that practically and I’ll see you on the inside. SIZE: 15,3 GB Valentino Kohen – How to Meet and Attract Women Invisibly Contents: Videos DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  13. Patrick James – The Magnetic Personality Formula Re-Loaded Patrick James - The Magnetic Personality Formula Re-Loaded The 3 “Secret Keys” To Unlocking A Magnetic Personality That Naturally Attracts Women In Less Than 60 Seconds… …EVEN IF You Are Introverted or Don’t Know How To “Flirt” Right Now What if I told you I’ve cracked the code?… To a simple 3-part formula that naturally attracts beautiful women AS A RESULT of who you actually are… A formula that when applied to any social situation, instantly makes you magnetic to women… A formula that makes HER the one going out of her way to compete for YOUR attention… A formula that in under 1-minute, virtually unlocks the legs of any girl you use it on… I have. Introducing my most popular video training… This is a formula that has been over 5 years in the making… A formula that when installed into your everyday habits, you magnetically attract women without even trying. HANDS DOWN. There is nothing more freeing and rewarding… Than becoming Magnetic! It’s the way you carry yourself, the way you speak, the way others respond to you. People will take notice immediately… I’ve spend the last five years perfecting this so it works every time — no matter what you look like. No matter where you live. And no matter what your age is… And to properly do that we have to mold who you are from the inside-out. I found this formula by observing ALL of the most magnetic men I could find… NBA all-stars. A-List Hollywood seducers. And everyone in-between… What shocked me is that women were NOT attracted to them because of their looks, or fashion sense… What actually attracted women were a few certain habits these guys had. Certain BEHAVIORS they showed when interacting with people. Behaviors that anybody could easily reproduce for themselves. After studying these men and their habits, I narrowed it down to just THREE things they did consistently… And once I got this down to a science I made it my moral duty to get this special formula out to the world. So I brought together a very exclusive group of 9 guys from all over the country (one guy even came all the way from Mexico). And filmed everything… We went on a deep dive for 3.5+ hours of RAW content. Showing them everything I know about becoming MAGNETIC to the women you actually want. This program is your inside look to this exact seminar… You’ll feel like you’re right there in the room with us. Here’s just a taste of what is you’ll get inside of the Magnetic Personality Formula… The 60-second trick to sparking obsession in her (get this right and you’ll never need another “pickup line” or “routine” again) The 3 “charmer” words that instantly make you the most alluring challenge she’s ever met (you only need to say these 3 words to her once, and she’ll be hooked) The RIGHT way to compliment a girl so that she’s giddy with excitement, and starts chasing you The sneaky “sex-trigger” PROVEN to make her chase you Guys are supposed to approach girls, right?… Wrong! Discover how I had an Instagram model approach me in a Las Vegas nightclub, confess she thinks I’m “out of her league”, and pull me back to her place that same night The 3 “silent killers” of female attraction (avoid these at all costs!) Ryan Gosling’s flirting secret to creating a “soulmate fantasy” of you in her head. (Warning: this can make stage-5 clingers out of the most “hard-to-get” girls) And if you think that’s good, I’m not stopping there. I truly want you to succeed. With the Magnetic Personality Formula on your side, you’ll also discover: The “ITDFR” filter that women constantly filter men through, and why if you don’t know how to pass through it, she’ll never sleep with you Walt Disney’s secret to quickly making yourself memorable to anyone (Imagine meeting the hot girl that everybody pursues, the celebrity mentor you’ve always wanted, and they remember everything about you after meeting you just once) The 30-second morning routine that makes you MAGNETIC socially for the rest of the day (you’re friends will drive themselves crazy trying to figure out your new secret) The conversation hack doctors use that’ll get HER doing all of the talking (use this the next time you run out of things to say) George Clooney’s “power gaze” that makes anything you say hook 100x harder (even if you’re not clever or witty) The controversial productivity TRICK to 4x your efficiency in business, and social situations The list could go on for days… SIZE: 3,6+ GB SalesPage (more info) Patrick James – The Magnetic Personality Formula Re-Loaded Contents: Videos, Audios, Pdfs DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  14. Brent Smith – Your Perfect Girlfriend Brent Smith - Your Perfect Girlfriend Think about it. When you hit on a girl, doesn’t it seem like she uses the excuse “I have a boyfriend” more often these days? Now you understand the reason why. Girls want boyfriends these days, that’s all there is to it. However, THE LAST THING you want is to be like every other schmuck out there chasing them, like a dog chasing a fire truck. There’s a better way. A way that requires less work, less time and creates a far better emotional, physical and sexual relationship with her. Once you go through the course, you discover you don’t have to be the one investing all the effort. You don’t have to be the one to pursue (unless you want to). My “Perfect Girlfriend” course is designed for you have the exact type of girlfriend you want. Go ahead and get yours now… “While pickup is caught in the jaws of a crocodile death roll, you have created a true breakthrough for guys. Brent Smith was originally one of the inspirations for David DeAngelo’s dating system and his eBook. Brent also appeared later in David DeAngelo’s seminars and interview series as “Brent”. This gave him the credibility and the recognition to build his own coaching business which he started in 2006. In it, you’ll discover: The three things women want and love in a boyfriend… How to size up a potential girlfriend… How to make every date or hookup feel like the first time you just met… Your new vocabulary–and how it ratchets up desire for you… The subtle art of “under-communication” that makes a woman chase you… Before you consider a serious girlfriend candidate, she will, of course, have to prove herself in the bedroom. Here’s how you do it, step-by-step… How to become the boyfriend you want to be, not the boyfriend SHE wants you to be… How to create conversation that’s subtle yet so sexy… How to deal with the jealousy of other women… The strategy to allow them to contact you in the future (you never ever call them)… How to ratchet up intimacy in and out of the bedroom… Best ways to respond to her personal questions about you… The step-by-step, always be the one in control and allow them to be the one pursuing you and trying to win you over… How to get the hottest women to “apply” to be your girlfriend… How to create that “I feel like I’ve known you for years” effect that makes with any woman you want to meet feel safe with you… A simple twist on how to frame all your approach conversations so you are viewed as boyfriend material… The best social platform for communicating… How to avoid being relegated to the friendzone… Strategies for interviewing girls on dating sites, apps & social media The key to avoiding pointless arguments, an empty bed, and having to work at making a girlfriend happy… Understand your girlfriend’s innermost desires (without a Dr. Phil decoder ring.) How to position yourself as the one she’s looking for… How to text her to amplify her horniness for you… How to get her to miss you when you’re not around… SIZE: 1,1 GB SalesPage (more info) Brent Smith – Your Perfect Girlfriend Contents: Videos, Audio, Pdf DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  15. Crack the Girl Code crack-the-girl-code Crack The Girl Code by Michael Fiore is an online training program providing the “cheat code” psychology techniques to get into a woman’s mind and make her feel an instantaneous connection with you, and sexual desire. Note that this course was originally released as “Get the Girl Code”, but changed shortly after it’s release to “Crack the Girl Code”. Same programs, just change of the brand/ name of the course. The program is based on pushing a woman’s 3 key buttons: – Connection: Making a woman feel like you understand her like no other man ever has – Sexual Desire: Knowing what to say to a woman to get her turned on – Fate: Understanding female psychology to make her feel like she’s “destined” to be with you Bonuses include: – How To Avoid The Friend Zone – The Sexual Escalation Formula – My First Ever One Night Stand – Simple Seduction Checklist – The Connection Factor SIZE: 286 MB SalesPage (more info) Crack the Girl Code Contents: Videos, Audios, Pdfs DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
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