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  1. Introducing Mindvalley’s Highest Rated Personal Transformation Quest Ever: Evolve Your Consciousness. Elevate Your Life. Become Limitless. Experience A Reality-Bending Deep Dive Into Peak States Of Consciousness With Vishen Lakhiani. Join the Becoming Limitless program with hundreds of students to ascend the level of your consciousness. Enroll Now Why This Program Instructor Profile What You'll Learn Program Information What Students Say Enroll Now FAQs The Becoming Limitless program takes you on a step-by-step journey, using Vishen Lakhiani’s powerful teaching framework, into Stage 3 Consciousness – so you can rise above your limiting models of reality, and discover your infinite potential in every area of life. This framework is so powerful in delivering life-changing results that it quickly earned the highest ever customer rating for a product on Mindvalley Academy, with thousands of raving case studies. The ideas presented in this program got Vishen one of the biggest book deals of 2016: The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind, which went on to become a New York Times bestseller. They put Vishen on stage with the Dalai Lama where he won the best speaker. And they have allowed Vishen, against all odds, to turn his $700 startup capital into a $100 million dollar education company with teachers like Neale Donald Walsch, Robin Sharma, Alan Watts, and many more. It’s a classic case of Bending Reality. Many of us believe that only certain people have a mystical power to shape the world according to their thoughts, to know the right decisions to make, and to instantly feel what’s true for them. But what you’ll discover in this program is a consciousness ascension system that’s so simple anyone can apply to step into the next stage of their conscious evolution. Vishen Lakhiani – Author of Becoming Limitless | Mindvalley Vishen Lakhiani Mindvalley has been rated 9.6/10 on Trust Pilot and has been recognised for Workplace Happiness (World’s Most Democratic Workplace Award 8 Years Running) The Key Lies In This 4-Stage Framework For Consciousness Evolution Vishen has identified four ascending levels of human consciousness that modern-day humanity now operates in. Your level of success, fulfillment, contribution, wellbeing, and connectedness all hinge on where you are on this framework. Here’s a more detailed explanation of each: The 4 levels of human consciousness Vishen hooked up to a brainwave machine at a biohacking-based meditation retreat. 25 Years Of Experimentation – Paving The Path For Your Consciousness Evolution Vishen learned to access this elusive state of limitless the hard way – spending over 25 years and close to $100,000 USD investigating the concept of Bending Reality, studying history’s most extraordinary individuals, and experimenting with many forms of consciousness expansion. And with an engineer’s mindset, he developed a structured framework designed to rapidly accelerate your consciousness evolution, and to bring you to that state where you are fully tapped into life so you can live your highest purpose. About Vishen Lakhiani Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, one of the fastest-growing personal growth companies on the planet. In doing so, Mindvalley has revolutionized the personal growth industry and has won over a family of over three million customers, subscribers and raving fans. Leading an international team of 200 people from over 50 countries at Mindvalley HQ his goal is to revolutionize the global education system by bringing to the forefront transformational and personal growth education, and making these practices more mainstream. His New York Times bestseller, The Code of The Extraordinary Mind blends evolutionary biology and computational thinking. In September and November 2017 it hit #1 on across all Amazon charts and become the most read book on Amazon globally. As Seen On: Vishen’s The Code of the Extraordinary Mind became New York Times bestseller in 2016. Vishen’s The Code of the Extraordinary Mind became New York Times bestseller in 2017. The Mindvalley team of over 200 education hackers from 40+ nationalities. The Mindvalley team of over 250 education hackers from 52+ nationalities. Vishen speaking to 800+ students at Mindvalley University in Tallinn, Estonia. Vishen speaking to 800+ students at Mindvalley University in Tallinn, Estonia. Explore The Program The Becoming Limitless program guides you through an easy-to-follow 8-module program. Each of these modules, which takes about a week to complete, focuses on a unique aspect of Stage 3 Consciousness – allowing you to move towards your consciousness evolution at a steady and enjoyable pace. Everything you learn is based on Vishen’s revolutionary Consciousness Engineering framework of systems of living and models of reality. Every one of us relies on systems and models, whether consciously or unconsciously. In this quest, we’re merely updating those systems and models with newer, more efficient ones. So you don’t need to make drastic life changes or sacrifices to see results. Here are some of the outcomes you can expect as you progress through the program: 1. See Your Mission With Crystal Clarity Why are you here? How will you make an impact? One of the greatest challenges we all face is to find our mission. Becoming Limitless guides you through eye-opening exercises for gaining the clarity and certainty you need to know and honor your unique purpose. 2. Shift Reality Even in Your Dreams Some of the techniques you’ll discover in Becoming Limitless, such as the Delta Doorway, will teach you how to tap into higher guidance while at the ‘near-sleep’ Delta levels of mind. Using this technique will allow you to shift reality, even as your conscious mind rests. 3. Experience Life Very, Very Differently Imagine waking up excited every day, eager to get started with your work, and loving every second of it. Yes, there will be challenging times, but when you are doing something you truly love, it’s all worth it. You will never want to do something else. 4. Watch Even Your Biggest Goals Come True Traditional goal setting only lets you set goals as big as you can imagine. But when you learn to operate from inspiration, you will achieve and experience things beyond your wildest imagination. It’s as though you’re tapped into a higher power that guides you. 5. Make the Right Decisions in a Snap Your intuition is your greatest guide. Becoming Limitless shows you how to tap into it so that you can make better decisions and always stay true to your purpose. You’ll find yourself luckier, wiser and moving toward your vision faster than you ever thought possible. 6. Find Yourself Free and Grounded in the Present BWe’re all silently suffering from past wounds buried deep within our beings. In the second module of Becoming Limitless, you’ll learn a powerful, scientifically validated technique to liberate yourself from these wounds, and feel lighter and more free than ever. 7. You’ll Enjoy Total Fulfillment with Zero Regrets Becoming Limitless empowers you to feel more tapped in to life, and more alive. You’ll become more compassionate and get less irritated. You’ll begin noticing synchronicities and coincidences that make you feel the universe itself is on your side. You’ll feel limitless. Full Program Summary Elevate Your Learning Experience On The Revolutionary Mindvalley Learning Platform The Mindvalley learning platform combines the power of community, consistent daily or weekly micro-learning, and the world’s best teachers to give you a dramatically more immersive and transformational personal growth experience than ever before. The World’s Best Teachers On One Platform From philosophers like Ken Wilber and Alan Watts, to transformational teachers like Robin Sharma and Neale Donald Walsch, Mindvalley curates the wisdom of humanity’s greatest minds to elevate every area of your life. Deep Transformation That Builds Over Time Now used by leading-edge schools and companies, micro-learning is the ultimate personal growth solution for busy people. By engaging in daily or weekly bite-sized actions and exercises, you’ll experience massive results with minimal effort – and be 500% more likely to complete your program compared to traditional quests. We’re All In This Together The Mindvalley Quests platform gives you multiple ways to engage and co-create with your fellow students. Imagine thousands of like-minded people from 100+ countries, supporting you, inspiring you, and holding you accountable to your highest success. How The Quest App Works 1. You get access to Becoming Limitless immediately One community, one program, eight weeks: we’ll move towards the finish line together, as we support and uplift each other every step of the way. 2. You receive guidance for 8 weeks of consciousness shifts From pre-recorded Q&A calls with Vishen himself, to community support with a vibrant group of like-minded students on our private Facebook page – you’re never alone. 3. You grow dramatically in record time 90 minutes a week is all you need to watch your video lessons, practice your exercises, and awaken the power of Becoming Limitless in every area of your life. The Mindvalley Advantage When you go through a Mindvalley quest, you experience our commitment to the best learning methodology on the planet. We immerse you in deeply transformational wisdom from the world’s best teachers – augmented by leading-edge learning technology and intimate community-focused learning. What you get is profound and lasting personal growth. Inspiring support and accountability that take you to the finish line. And rewarding friendships with other students from all over the world; each one on the same path as you. Here’s a closer look at the Mindvalley advantage: Powerful Learning Technology That’s A Joy To Use You’ll experience Becoming Limitless on our revolutionary Mindvalley Home online learning platform – which means you will: Enjoy flexible lifetime access (study any part of the quest whenever you want) Access the quest anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet, or smartphone Available in downloadable audio format so you can enjoy the quest offline on your mobile device. Speed up or slow down videos depending on your learning requirements Manage all your learning on ONE gorgeous platform Get FREE lifetime access to all future Becoming Limitless Quest upgrades Deep & Experiential Learning For Breakthrough Results Like all Mindvalley programs, Becoming Limitless is packed with not just in-depth online learning – but also practical tools and resources for you to use in the real world. They come from Vishen’s personal life experiences as well as from hundreds of other teachers, many of whom he interacts with on a daily basis. The result is a deep, 360 degree learning experience that immerses you in the new paradigms and models of reality you’re working to create. And produces extraordinary results in every area of your life. Community-Based Learning For Maximum Support & Accountability When you learn in a passionate group, you not only enjoy the process more – but you’re up to 800% more likely to finish what you started, and experience profound, lasting positive outcomes. That’s why every part of the Mindvalley learning experience is designed for maximum interaction with your fellow students worldwide. You’ll enjoy ongoing support, accountability, mentorship, and inspiration, no matter where you are in the world. Profound Transformation For All Vishen is regarded as one of most dynamic and visionary personal growth teachers on the planet – and Becoming Limitless is Mindvalley’s highest rated transformation program ever. See what people from all walks of life have to say about the experience. bl-jack “I am very excited and glad to recommend his work to you.” “His knowledge base and his ability to present it clearly and to actually put it into practice is above anyone I have ever seen in this field. I am very excited and glad to recommend his work to you.” Jack Canfield Co-author of the New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series bl-lisa “He’s going to be seen as a genius in his field.” “Hearing Vishen speak about his vision for transforming education is inspirational and gives you chills… and you know years from now, he’s going to be seen as a genius in his field.” Lisa Nichols Star of The Secret and motivational speaker bl-john “I have been inspired and motivated.” “I have been inspired and motivated with a 1000 new ideas listening to Vishen bringing value to the society, developing new ideas to put into practice. He can help you and it has certainly helped me change my whole outlook on bringing my message to help the world.” John Gray Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus series bl-kris “What comes through is how much they truly care.” I have been using Mindvalley for about 5 years now. I’m never let down by the quality of the programs that Vishen and his team offer. ….what comes through is how much they truly care and how much they want to help in a positive way. Thank you! Kris W Medlin Health Coach, Yoga teacher, Reiki Master. You’ll Never Experience The World The Same Way Every moment your consciousness expands and stretches, so will your level of success, fulfillment, joy, purpose, wellbeing and contribution. And as you progress through the 8 carefully crafted modules of this program, you will feel that expansion happen deep within your being as you go far beyond personal growth ideas like positive thinking or basic motivation. Instead you’ll be exposed to a vastly different set of tools and techniques designed to take you to the next step of your evolution, awaken you to your true nature and uncover dormant faculties you never knew you had. You’ll become perpetually tapped into peak levels of intuition so you rarely doubt a decision you make. You’ll become hyper aware of how malleable reality truly is, and have the ability to bend it to your desires. You’ll become deeply connected to not just your community, your culture, your nationality — But to all of humanity itself. You’ll become fully aligned with your purpose that nothing can derail you from achieving your goals — no matter how ‘impossible’ other people may think they are. In short, you’ll become limitless. And when this happens, there is no turning back – You will never experience the world around you the same way again. Our Commitment To Affordability Our goal at Mindvalley is to evolve the global education system. And to spread transformational lifelong education to every person on every corner of the planet. That’s why we’ve made the Becoming Limitless program as affordable as possible, for as many people as possible. Vishen has personally invested tens of thousands of dollars over the last 25 years, exploring new technologies and learning from the leading experts in the field to better understand how to tap into these advanced states of consciousness And what you’re getting in this powerful program is a distillation of only the best and proven methods he has discovered to rapidly accelerate you towards your own evolution in consciousness — At a fraction of the price and at a fraction of the time. This transformational experience won’t cost you $2,000, or $1,000; but just a one-time investment of $695. You won’t find this level of training for this price anywhere else. You’re Protected By Mindvalley’s Unconditional 10-day Guarantee When you’re buying a car, you can test drive it. When you’re buying a house, you can take a tour of it. We believe you should have the same peace of mind with your education too – so we’re giving you up to 30 risk-free days from the purchase date to try the Becoming Limitless before deciding if it’s for you. If in this time you’re not absolutely overjoyed with your experience, contact us via our via our support center (quickest response) for a full, fast, and friendly refund. Kristi Anier Customer Happiness Manager Elevate Your Learning Experience On The Revolutionary Mindvalley Learning Platform The Mindvalley Quests learning platform combines the power of community, daily micro-learning, and the world’s best teachers to give you a dramatically more immersive and transformational personal growth experience than ever before. Mindvalley Learning Platform The World’s Best Teachers On One Platform From philosophers like Ken Wilber and Alan Watts, to transformational teachers like Robin Sharma and Neale Donald Walsch, Mindvalley Quests curates the wisdom of humanity’s greatest minds to elevate every area of your life. Deep Transformation In Just 15 – 20 Minutes A Day Now used by leading-edge schools and companies, micro-learning is the ultimate personal growth solution for busy people. By engaging in daily bite-sized actions and exercises, you’ll experience massive results with minimal effort – and be 500% more likely to complete your curriculum compared to traditional courses. Mindvalley Learning Platform Mindvalley community We’re All In This Together The Mindvalley Quests platform gives you multiple ways to engage and co-create with your fellow students. Imagine thousands of like-minded people from 100+ countries, supporting you, inspiring you, and holding you accountable to your highest success. How The Quest App Works 1. You begin the Becoming Limitless Quest with the community on October 21, 2019 One community, one start date: we’ll move towards the finish line together, as we support and uplift each other every step of the way. 2. You receive daily guidance for 8 weeks From a supportive online community, to regular check-ins with your Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator on our private Facebook page – you’re never alone. 3. You grow dramatically in just 20 minutes a day 20 minutes a day is all you need to watch your video lessons and apply the practices. What Some Of The World’s Top Teachers & Leaders Say About Vishen Lakhiani “He’s as bright and as smart of a young man” I had the opportunity to listen to Vishen and he is wise beyond his years. When he walked up on the stage his immediate presence told me that he is very engaging, brought the power of his experience to the stage and was able to communicate with everybody in the audience, captured everybody in such a way that we were totally interested from start to finish. He is bright and a smart man, he is on top of what is happening worldwide in terms of marketing on the internet and is helping people really take their products out to the market place in a way that nobody else is doing. I don’t know of one person in the audience that didn’t want to monopolize his time afterwards to learn more. He’s as bright and as smart of a young man that I’ve ever known. I am very excited to have had the opportunity to know him, listen to him and to learn from him in the future. Lee Brower Featured in The Secret and founder of Empowered Wealth “Vishen’s videos and ideas towards the company culture inspired me to start my company” I am following Vishen and I am really really impressed and motivated with the concept of Mindvalley. The fact is that Vishen’s videos and ideas towards the company culture inspired me to start my company Akkomplish and now we have presence in USA, México,Denmark,Portugal and India.[...] So , thanks for all support direct and indirect. Ankit Parashar Founder and Director at Akkomplish India “Vishen’s program inspired me to push my boundaries and to believe that anything is possible” I first discovered MindValley in 2015 when I was going through a profoundly difficult period in my life. My 12 year old daughter had already tried to kill herself twice, and my marriage of nearly 20 years was crumbling. I was truly in a “Dark Night of the Soul” transition, as I struggled to find meaning in all of these profoundly difficult trials which I was experiencing. I became one of the original subscribers to Consciousness Engineering, and Vishen became my own personal Yoda… [...] Vishen’s program, Becoming Limitless, inspired me to push my boundaries and to believe that anything is possible if I really do the inner work and believe in myself and my vision. Now I have trained in person with Marisa Peer as an RTT Therapist, and I have trained with Eric Edmeades as a WildFit Coach. I look and feel better than I have in years and I finally believe that I have the skills and knowledge to really make a difference in the world and impact people’s lives for the better. [...] I am launching my own business. In my former career as a Physician, I never really felt like I had much hope. I earned more, but at the cost of my soul. Now I do what I love and I know that I have the tools to transform people’s lives for the better. Katherine Potter Holistic Health Coach, RTT Therapist and WildFit Coach Enroll Now We’re Making This Affordable For Everyone At Mindvalley we believe that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances. That’s why even though you’re getting the exact same secrets that helped Vishen turn $700 into a company worth over $100 million dollars, we are not charging thousands of dollars for this quest as you might expect. The regular price of this program is be $1095, but to give you no excuses for reaching your full potential and to make this a no-brainer, when you enroll today, it will cost just $695. Why? Because we want to get this into that hands of as many people as we can, and help you ascend to a state of being where you’re fully alive and living your purpose. When you invest in this program, you’ll get instant access to: Our highest rated, gold standard quest in personal transformation 8 modules with over 16 hours of video trainings from Vishen to help you transcend the limits in your reality. Specific exercises and techniques to help you evolve to the level 3 of consciousness, the state of Limitless Full transcripts and additional resources in the form of supporting articles, speeches and trainings. Available in downloadable audio format so you can enjoy it offline on your mobile device. For an extra $50 you can choose to get a printable digital Mindvalley. Certificate of Completion to recognize your graduation of the program. 10 days unconditional money back guarantee Plus you’re getting a free bonus: 8 recorded Group Coaching Sessions which Vishen recorded. Digital Access on all Your Devices Get full digital access to the entire program on your Smartphone, Your Computer, and Tablet. Watch anywhere. $1,095 $695 ADD TO CART Or pay in 3 installments of $279 » Digtial Access + Completion Certificate Get full digital access to the entire program and a certificate of completion that you get after a short assessment. $1,145 $745 ADD TO CART Or pay in 3 installments of $299 » Best Value Offer: Digital Access, Certificate + CDs with Free Shipping Get full digital access to the entire program, a certificate of completion that you get after a short assessment and we’ll also ship you the programs on CDs to your door with FREE SHIPPING. $1,995 $1,295 ADD TO CART Or pay in 4 installments of $349» *EU VAT charges will apply to EU billing addresses. For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server. Frequently Asked Questions Success Stories From Students Who Mastered Vishen’s Trainings “I have lost 17kg from 103 kg to 86 kg” After learning creative visualization, I practised to solve my health problem, which is being overweight. After 4 months of practising with exercise, I have lost 17kg from 103kg to 86kg and my body figure has totally changed. I really appreciate the Becoming Limitless Quest. It changed my life. I am now started to use merging technique and it shows result faster. My life is more meaningful. I feel growth in every aspect of my life. My finances, body health, relationships and career totally changed. I also attracted my girlfriend now in my life and now my life is surrounded by love. Sim Chyi Chao “My business is now moving forward at full speed.” (Become Limitless) answered my question about childhood trauma and directed me to false childhood beliefs exercise. I spent about 3 hours doing that exercise on all the areas suggested in the exercise. Since then, I’ve experienced some huge shifts. Things I’ve been trying to implement within my business are now moving forward [at] full speed. I’ve gone from being a one-person business to a new one emerging with a team of five and complete clarity on the big vision that’s driving everything forward. There’s a huge shake-up going on with all the things that haven’t been working and I’m announcing my change of direction in under two weeks time. Have been struggling with this all year and now boom — it’s all emerging. Super happy and excited. Experiencing a whole new level of bliss in my life. Tabi Jayne “It meets that need to look further for answers so that I can grow and contribute in a meaningful and satisfying way.” I would like to thank you for all you have created with Mindvalley and for putting together the (Becoming Limitless) program. The program has come at the perfect time in my journey, as I have taken the plunge earlier this year to start my own business, based on my passions for helping people to build greater self-awareness, to tap into their innate, authentic best self and to reconnect with their purpose in order to design more rewarding lives and “careers.” At the same time, I want to address business culture, team dynamics and bring about positive change in organizations, based on building harmony and collaboration and tapping into the diversity and individual’s unique contributions. [...] I feel that I have been waiting for just this inspiration and guidance to gain more clarity as to how I can be part of the positive global change that needs to occur, so the synchronicities are not a coincidence. Nada Matijevic “I did it over 6 days and I feel a shift in my world already…” I have just completed the Becoming Limitless program. It’s a fantastic collaboration of knowledge. The strange thing is the way that Vishen presents it, it comes across as if the student already knew the material and he is just finding a way to extract it. I was blown away by the ease of understanding and the way Vishen makes everything so simple! I’ve been studying personal development and self improvement and meditation for years and it hasn’t given me as much as this program has…its so practical and the processes are easy to follow. I did it over 6 days and I feel a shift in my world already. ..the stress of chasing the next dollar and the next opportunity is gone. I can actually feel that the universe has my back. Thank you, Vishen, for being a light on my path Thanks again for pushing the boundaries….You’ve changed a life forever Vinesan Pillay “This program has created a framework that systematically returns the power to us…” The level of growth I have seen over the past 8 weeks has been unlike anything else I have ever experienced. I have spent a lifetime seeking, studying side by side with some of the most influential gurus you can think of, and not any one of those experiences has given me the level of personal growth and professional leapfrogging than this has… [...] What the (Become Limitless) program has done for me, is it has filled in the blanks where I have had either a misunderstanding or ignorance. Our interaction with others, our place in society and the expectations that power that place on us create a false reality that the vast majority have completely submitted to. This program has created a framework that systematically returns the power to us… This program was my missing link. Those of us who seek enlightenment, desire healing, or simply want to live a graced life free from fear and worry – the (Become Limitless) platform is the gateway. Chris Holder “I feel completely empowered, renewed and full of life force.” I found the forgiveness practice has been life-changing. I use it weekly and have been sharing it with others every chance I get. I think this is something so simple and yet so often overlooked. There is so much that we hold onto and carry around with us for the single reason that we haven’t forgiven either ourselves or someone else. The amount of energy this practice frees up is amazing — I have experienced so much more freedom from this one simple technique. Through Vishen’s program I reconnected to my voice, my confidence and my purpose. It’s because of the (Become Limitless) program that I learned what I needed to do in order to break free of these harmful patterns, step into my own power and chose empowerment and myself. One of the best lessons Vishen taught me was to choose my mission over my career, and my mission is to connect people with information that serves them. Once I identified that mission, I became unstoppable. The next big step I took was that I turned in my letter of resignation at work! Just like he taught me — I am choosing my mission over my career, and I know that the universe is supporting my every step… I feel completely empowered, renewed and full of life force and I would say that it all started with taking this journey with Mindvalley and (Become Limitless). Leora Katz “I am reaching my full potential. I am so much happier!” I am so very grateful for Vishen’s mission. Through this quest (Becoming Limitless), his enthusiasm for higher learning, and his passion to share it with the world, has enriched my life immeasurably. Vishen so generously shares his distilled thoughts from some of the world’s wisest teachers and then gives us resources to explore if we want to go deeper into the subject. Through this, I have been exposed to many concepts and practical, day to day methods that I would never have even been aware of and because of this, I am reaching my full potential. I am so much happier! Thank you! Margaret Jackson “I have been setting my vision for my future ” I have completed the “Code of the Extraordinary Mind” book and I am currently working on Becoming Limitless Quest. I have particularly liked the 6 Phase Meditation and the Forgiveness Exercises. I have become calmer and have stopped being engaged in negative relationships with family members. [...] I have been setting my vision for my future to have loving relationships, adventure and luxury travel experiences with my children. This is starting to come true, I have a meeting with a travel agent today. Maria Webb “Becoming Limitless is amplifying all my previous knowledge and exercises enormously” I am self-employed working as a Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator full time and I have blown away from the power you can get from conscious breathing. But the quest Becoming Limitless is amplifying all my previous knowledge and exercises enormously. I like the way of explaining things with the words (in the way) that a 21st-century human can understand. The simplicity of the content. Of quest – the value of the content and how important it is to understand. Breathwork + Mindvalley stuff is BENDING REALITY! Combining breathwork and these lessons you literally bringing yourself to cosmos! I am also using some of the ideas in my practicum working with clients like the “The 3 Most Important Questions” and “The 6 Phase Meditation!” My clients find it awesome! A lot of stuff I have known from before, but I am taking this quest very slowly and trying not to fall into the trap called “I know that” – suggest for others to be aware too! Janis Bruns “I started seeing EVERY action I perform as a most important thing in my life.” I’m [making] time each day to listen to [Vishen’s]. I take notes and read them while flowing through my day. I see and feel the genuine truth in his lessons. I started seeing EVERY action I perform as a most important thing in my life… I’m constantly improving and getting a huge amount of joy from that. Joy of freedom of being.[...] As a result of all of the above, I’ve moved further with my projects than for the previous 7 years. It was just 6 months. ALL of the above would not happen if I didn’t stumble upon Vishen’s PROGRAMS, TALKS and WRITINGS. Pavel Kotlykov Enroll Now We’re Making This Affordable For Everyone At Mindvalley we believe that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances. That’s why even though you’re getting the exact same secrets that helped Vishen turn $700 into a company worth over $100 million dollars, we are not charging thousands of dollars for this quest as you might expect. The regular price of this program is be $1095, but to give you no excuses for reaching your full potential and to make this a no-brainer, when you enroll today, it will cost just $695. Why? Because we want to get this into that hands of as many people as we can, and help you ascend to a state of being where you’re fully alive and living your purpose. When you invest in this program, you’ll get instant access to: Our highest rated, gold standard quest in personal transformation 8 modules with over 16 hours of video trainings from Vishen to help you transcend the limits in your reality. Specific exercises and techniques to help you evolve to the level 3 of consciousness, the state of Limitless Full transcripts and additional resources in the form of supporting articles, speeches and trainings. Available in downloadable audio format so you can enjoy it offline on your mobile device. For an extra $50 you can choose to get a printable digital Mindvalley. Certificate of Completion to recognize your graduation of the program. 10 days unconditional money back guarantee Plus you’re getting a free bonus: 8 recorded Group Coaching Sessions which Vishen recorded. Digital Access on all Your Devices Get full digital access to the entire program on your Smartphone, Your Computer, and Tablet. Watch anywhere. [Hidden Content]
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(USMC) The United States Air Force (USAF) Special Forces Units Olympic Wrestlers High-Level Entrepreneurs International Champions in Combat Sports (like Muay Thai & Boxing) Members of Cirque du Soleil And countless more… I Have Been Featured On Numerous Publications Such As: My Own Life Story Is Rather Unusual... I Have Lived As: An Army Paratrooper A SWAT Commander A Member of the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame A Counter-Terrorism Consultant to the Department of Homeland Security A Bodyguard to Billionaires and Celebrities (such as Warren Buffett & Sylvester Stallone) A Record-Breaking Strongman who has been featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not & Guinness World Records I am not sharing this with you to brag or boast, but simply to illustrate that I have an intimate understanding of what it takes to achieve even your most difficult goals. With a background like that, most people would assume that I was always “mentally tough”. But The Truth Is, I Used To Be Weak And Afraid Of Pretty Much Everything… You see… Growing up, I watched helplessly as my stepfather ruthlessly beat up my mother. One night, after having her head beaten against the living room wall, my mother went to the doctor. A brain tumor was discovered. After a year of treatment, she died. I was just 15 then. I descended into drugs and alcohol, as much and as often as I could. In February 1981, at the age of 18, I decided that I finally had enough. I checked into a motel, consumed a ridiculous amount of booze and painkillers and laid down on the bed waiting to die. Much to my surprise, I woke up the next day. Which led me to conclude two things... One, I must be hard to kill. And two, perhaps there’s a reason why I am still alive. I decided that I wanted to lead a different life... to live as differently as possible from who I used to be. But Change Did Not Come Easy… I felt completely powerless to stop my stepfather from beating my mother. Without even realizing it, I had mentally conditioned myself to be weak. Despite wanting to transform my life, I was afraid of failing and doubtful of my own ability to succeed. To make things worse, I would often feel like I have no energy or motivation to pursue the goals I have set for myself. And during the times I manage to pick myself up and get started, I would get easily distracted and lose focus on my tasks. In a desperate attempt to change my circumstances, I read every self-help book I could find. Most of what I learned did not help much, but they all seemed to suggest that you “think positively”. The problem was I rarely believed my own positive thoughts and I would often blame myself for any negative thoughts. Thoughts like… “Why can’t I just be more positive?” “What’s wrong with me?” And this would just lead me back to a vicious cycle of negative thoughts. I knew that unless I changed the way I thought, nothing in my life was ever going to change. But the question was: How? It Wasn’t Until One Faithful Day That My Life Truly Began To Change… I had worked up just enough energy and motivation to drag myself to the gym. Having poisoned my body with drugs and alcohol for years, I figured that working out would at least make my body stronger. While struggling to perform a pull-up, I was struck with the sudden realization that “thinking positively” was just like performing a pull up. If you lacked the physical strength to perform a pull-up, you won’t be able to perform a pull-up until you have strengthened your body sufficiently. That might seem like a very obvious statement… But just as it requires physical strength to perform a pull-up, it requires mental strength to stay positive and focused on the task at hand. The reason why I couldn’t transform my life was simply because I lacked mental strength. Most people would find it obvious that if you wanted a strong body, you would need to train your body. But what most people don’t realize is that the same is true for the mind… If you want a strong mind, you need to strengthen your mind. The truth is, most people simply lack the mental strength to think positively and stay focused when confronted with adversity. And that is the BIGGEST reason why most people fail to create the life they want. But it’s not their fault either… Most people have at least some understanding of physical exercise… But when it comes to mental training, there is very little that is known about it. Over The Past 30+ Years, I Have Relentlessly Studied Everything On The Subject On Mental Training… I have studied and applied methodologies from law enforcement, military training, sports psychology, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and countless other mental training methods. Mental training helped me to not only recover from a crippling accident that shattered my back and my ankles… It also allowed me to perform record-breaking mental stunts that were documented by Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Guinness World Records. As a SWAT Commander, mental training literally kept me alive by helping to stay calm and focused even during the most life-threatening situations. My extensive research and practical understanding of mental performance led me to become a trainer for Special Forces Units, the FBI, the DEA, Cirque du Soleil, a Fortune 50 company, and many other elite organizations which regularly operate in high stakes circumstances. For over 30+ years, my mental training methods have remained accessible only to the most elite performers in the world... But because I want to be able to reach and impact more people, I am going to give you the opportunity to access these exclusive techniques that I have developed over a lifetime. Introducing... The Maximal Mindset Exercise Library *Image is for Visualization Only This is a Digital Product Inside this exclusive package, you will get instant access to my 30+ year collection of mental exercises that will allow you to tap into your limitless potential and perform at your best every single day. You can easily perform these exercises anywhere, anytime, in less than 10 minutes, without any special equipment. When you start performing these exercises, you will experience: Reduced stress and anxiety in your daily life Increased awareness and heightened physical senses Less distractions with improved focus and concentration Deeper sense of clarity behind your goals and purpose Greater control over your thoughts and stronger self-discipline Overall improvements in your physical performance (The mind drives the body!) Here's What You Will Get Inside: Mind Exercise #1: Deleting Distractions You’ll begin your "Maximal Mindset Exercise Program" by learning an excellent technique for managing mental distractions. Anytime you notice yourself becoming overly distracted you can respond by putting this mind exercise into action. Mind Exercise #2: The Aware Mind This exercise will train you to intuitively know how to stay focused on the present and to, noncritically, see thoughts as just thoughts. This allows you to experience the moment as it is and move on from there with whatever you have at this moment, without feeling overwhelmed by your circumstances. Mind Exercise #3: A Moment of Mindfulness This exercise will allow you to “listen to” and “look at” our own mental landscape. Doing so will give you an understanding of your typical perspective, and ultimately give you the ability to calibrate your thoughts and change your perception. Mind Exercise #4: The Relaxed Mind This exercise will train you to recognize the difference between tension and relaxation, so you can attain a deep state of muscular relaxation. While practicing this relaxation exercise, you will also be practicing your skills of focusing and concentration. Distracting or intrusive thoughts tend to disappear while you are directing your thoughts towards the accomplishment of specific tasks. This is a highly useful skill. Mind Exercise #5: The Visual Mind The mind creates its own reality. This mental exercise will allow you to harness the power of visualization, which can be directed towards any number of tasks or goals. As you perform this exercise consistently, you will notice your inner vision becoming a little clearer and a little more “real” each time. Mind Exercise #6: The Physical Mind This exercise will teach you to control the responses of your autonomic nervous system. You will learn to recognize your own ability to control sensations of heat, heaviness, calm or coolness. So the more important question is this: if you can control sensations of coolness, warmth and heaviness, can you also do so to control nerves? Stress? Or pain? The answer is yes. Practice this exercise and you will reap huge rewards. Mind Exercise #7: The Focused Mind This exercise will help you develop the skill to automatically direct your attention to those things in your life which require your attention. The way this exercise works is that through regular practice, old habits of subconscious awareness or “default thinking” are replaced with intentionality. And intention is the essence of focus. The ability to direct your thoughts when and where you want them to go. Mind Exercise #8: The Disciplined Mind This simple mental exercise will enhance your mental toughness and train your mind and body to exceed it's previous limits. Through consistent practice, this exercise will allow you to become increasingly comfortable with doing uncomfortable things, thereby training your self-discipline and willpower. Both of which are highly valuable attributes. Total Value: $497 Over the past 25 years, I have helped Olympians, elite military personnel and world-class performers take their performance to the next level with these very same mental exercises... These exercises aren't sold anywhere else and is only available right here, right now... And or the next few minutes, I am going to give you a huge 90% discount. PLUS, When You Sign Up Today, I Will Give You These Additional Bonuses: BONUS #1: The Confident Boss *Image is for Visualization Only This is a Digital Product Boost Your Self-Confidence & Become Empowered for Success... Discover why developing self-confidence will help you experience success in every area of your life Learn how to gain true self-confidence without having to pretend to be someone else Discover how to overcome social anxiety and restructure your social beliefs Learn how to combat self-doubt and develop unshakable certainty in your pursuits And much, MUCH more... $197 Value Yours Free Today! BONUS #2: The Productive Boss *Image is for Visualization Only This is a Digital Product Defeat Procrastination & Become a Massive Action Taker... Discover how to defeat procrastination and eliminate distractions so you can get the most done with the least amount of time Learn how to leverage deadlines so you can build massive momentum towards your goals Discover how to quickly tackle unpleasant tasks without making excuses or delaying action Learn a unique method to get things done efficiently even when you don’t feel like doing them And much, MUCH more... $197 Value Yours Free Today! BONUS #3: The Organized Boss *Image is for Visualization Only This is a Digital Product Organize Your Mind & Get More Done with Less Time... How to organize your life efficiently so you can spend more time doing what you love Learn how to easily prioritize your tasks without becoming overwhelmed by information Discover the secret to avoid wasting your time on distractions without giving up your favorite activities Learn how to effectively guard your time so you can prevent wasting your time on undesired social interactions And much, MUCH more... $197 Value Yours Free Today! PLUS, When You Sign Up Today, I Will Give You These Additional Bonuses: The Maximal Mindset Exercise Library (Value: $497) Bonus #1: The Confident Boss (Value: $197) Bonus #2: The Productive Boss (Value: $197) Bonus #3: The Organized Boss (Value: $197) Total Value: $1,088 What Would Achieving Your Greatest Goals Be Worth To You? Now, let me ask you this... If all this program did for you was allow you to become laser-focused on anything you choose to do, would that be worth $1,088 to you? If all this program did for you was allow you to summon unlimited energy and motivation anytime you want, would that be worth $1,088 to you? If all this program did for you was allow you to stay calm and relaxed even in the most stressful situations, would that be worth $1,088 to you? Now, because I want to be able to reach and impact more people, I won’t charge you anywhere close to $1,088 today… In fact, you won’t even have to spend $500 today to get instant access… HUGE 95% OFF Discount! Your Price Today: $1,088 Just 1 Payment of $67 Today! Add to Cart WARNING! This is a LIMITED TIME ONLY Offer! Once the timer below reaches zero, this offer will EXPIRE and you will no longer be able to get access… 00 HOUR 29 MINUTES 50 SECONDS Here's What Others Have Said... COL Lee Vans Arsdale - Former "Delta Force" Special Forces Commander "It was Mike’s design and implementation of a specialized course for a Fortune Fifty company in what can best be described as Mental Skills that impressed me greatly. The client was likewise impressed with Mike’s ability to improve mental skills, with the resultant improvement of the physical..." Jerry Poteet - Original Student of Bruce Lee & Martial Arts Legend "Like my teacher Bruce Lee, Mike’s amazing results speak volumes about his knowledge and dedication...” Lisa King - International Muay Thai Champion "Mike Gillette is an essential part of my pre-fight ritual – I don’t ever plan on getting in the ring again without him...” Rob Pincus - Best-Selling Author and National Consultant in Personal Defense “Mike Gillette is a Mind Writer. The man knows how to motivate, how to inspire and how to both call out complacency and inspire greatness. His ability to help people re-write their internal dialogue and move forward with a mindset for success is unique and impressively efficient. A day with Mike out-values a year's worth of typical self-help books and motivational workshops.” Dennis Rogers - Pound-For-Pound World's Strongest Man "Mike Gillette has truly mastered the mental aspects of human performance. He has trained his body and disciplined his mind to overcome pain and fear both on-stage and in the field..." 14-Day "Absolute ZERO Risk" Guarantee I want you to feel 100% confident about your purchase so you can exercise your mind without any pressure. If for whatever reason you decide the Maximal Mindset Exercise Library isn't the best $67 investment you ever spent, simply send us an email within 14 days and we will send you every cent back. HUGE 95% OFF Discount! Your Price Today: $1,088 Just 1 Payment of $67 Today! Add to Cart WARNING! This is a LIMITED TIME ONLY Offer! Once the timer below reaches zero, this offer will EXPIRE and you will no longer be able to get access… 00 HOUR 29 MINUTES 50 SECONDS Frequently Asked Questions: Is this a physical product? Will anything be shipped to me? No, this is a digital product only. There will be no shipping of any kind. Once you have purchased the product, you will be able to get instant access to all the materials in the members area. How much time will it take for me to learn to develop a strong mind? Mike believes the best strategy is the one that gets you to your goal as fast as possible and with the least amount of effort. With that in mind, he’s specially designed the program to be accessed quickly and easily. There’s absolutely no filler - the exercises contain only high-quality, rich content - and you’ll be able to learn all the exercises in less than a day. The mind strengthening exercises have been designed such that they take only a few minutes each day. Remember, consistency is more important than the amount of time spent doing the exercises. The mind is like a muscle. It requires constant attention and focus to stay strong. Only a few minutes a day will make a huge difference in your ability to control your emotions, quiet your mind and develop mental toughness to protect you and your family. Can I really strengthen my mind with these exercises? Yes, absolutely. I have spent over the past 30 years of my life refining and testing these exercises in the real world. Furthermore, my techniques have been extensively used by law enforcement and military personnel to stay focused and calm even in the most life-threatening situations. If these exercises don't work, I would have been held liable and prosecuted by the government. As long as you do your due diligence and perform the exercises, you will experience the benefits. How quickly will I begin to experience the benefits of this program? Students of the Maximal Mindset Exercise Library program have reported improvements in their mental strength after just one session working through the exercises. However, the best results and the most impressive changes in individuals have come through consistently practicing the mental strengthening exercises for at least 90 days. This time is long enough for habits to form and significant changes to happen. What I will show you on concentration and focus will make an immediate difference to every part of your life, from physical exercise through to your working life. Many people don’t realize just how much they are swayed by emotion until they become mindful of it - through the program. What happens if I try it and it didn’t work for me? In the unlikely event you’ve worked through the exercises and still don’t feel you are mentally stronger as a result AND you are within 14 days of purchase, simply request a full 100% refund. We’re so confidence you’re going to love the program, we’re putting our money where our mouth is and giving you 2 whole weeks to try the program. To process a refund, it’s easy. Just send an email to support@mindboss.academy and speak with a member of our friendly customer service team who will happily process your refund. How will I know that I have become mentally stronger? Great question. As you’ll discover from my discussion about goal-setting, building in ways of measuring your progress towards a goal is key to achieving whatever you desire. Take time to consider what you are not doing now that you would do if you were not stopped by fear. Of course, not everyone is conscious that fear prevents them from taking action. (That’s why, for the majority of students, they often don’t realize when they do something they were previously fearful of doing… until much later). [Hidden Content]
  3. Wedding Film Framework 38 lessons, with over 24 hours of videos, revealing Matt WhoisMatt Johnson's approach to editing story-driven wedding films in Adobe Premiere Pro Designed to equip beginners new to editing weddings in Premiere Pro, as well as providing experienced filmmakers with a faster workflow that prevents creative block. Inside this course, you will learn how to... Develop a narrative for a wedding film that tells the story of the couple Master the basics of Premiere Pro (and the advanced stuff too) Save time with a streamlined editing workspace that has the exact tools you need and no fluff Switch to Premiere Pro from FCPX, Sony Vegas, or any other editor quickly and easily Make your films look and sound amazing with professional color grading and audio mixing Design high energy dance edits that fit every wedding film Craft a small batch beard… Organizing Footage Save time with a workflow that prioritizes access to the footage you need as fast as possible. Music Selection My process for finding the best music for an edit, and how I mix songs with story for maximum emotional impact. Discovering The Story Develop a narrative that tells the couple's unique story. Editing Everything Watch me edit an entire wedding film from establishing shots to exit. Color Grading My precise color process to correct and color grade my films using LUTs. Audio Mixing Balancing ambient audio, spoken word, and music together for a dynamic audio experience. HERE IS WHAT I TEACH IN THIS COURSE THE SETUP 7 lessons, 45+ minutes Preparing your workspace in Premiere, importing footage & creating Proxies, synchronizing audio & video clips CRAFTING THE FOUNDATION OF THE EDIT 5 lessons, 4+ hours Discovering the wedding's story, the exact sites I use to find music, mixing the story & music together CREATING THE WEDDING FILM 12 lessons, 10+ hours Fast editing using timeline techniques, cutting together every part of the wedding day from establishing shot to the exit REFINING THE WEDDING FILM'S VISUALS 5 lessons, 5+ hours Working with mixed video resolutions, stabilizing footage, color correction and color grading the film using LUTs AUDIO MIXING 6 lessons, 3+ hours Balancing ambient audio from the day with spoken audio, adding sound effects, mixing all audio sources together so they sound clear and have consistent volume throughout WRAPPING UP 3 lessons, 20+ minutes Exporting the final film for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Instagram Get Instant Access to Wedding Film Framework ESSENTIALS $497 Wedding Film Framework Course Documentary Lesson Edits Matt's Music List Playlists Personal Wedding Film Critique BEST VALUE PRO $597 Wedding Film Framework Course Documentary Lesson Edits 3 Matt's Music List Playlists Personal Wedding Film Critique VIP $697 Wedding Film Framework Course Documentary Lesson Edits 3 Matt's Music List Playlists 3 Personal Wedding Film Critiques Join hundreds of other wedding filmmakers that are editing faster. Here's what they have to say... "I am SO SO SO glad I invested in this course. To be honest, just the organizing footage portion was worth it. The way Matt shows how to scrub footage and plan the story will save me so much time and will help the flow of my films. A lot of "ah ha" moments. Matt's method is going to work perfectly for us." Sheena C. "Been waiting for something like this for us Premiere Users for 2 years. Thanks so much for doing this. I can't imagine the hard work it took to put this together. It is worth way more than what I paid. The value is definitely there." Kyle T. "This course has been such an eye-opener for me. It's exactly what I've been looking for and has taught me things I've been trying to find on YouTube for MONTHS." Lydia M. [Hidden Content]
  4. Ready To Make The Greatest Contributions In The World, In Your Relationships, And In Your Business? I’ll Show You How To Build Momentum, Unshakeable Confidence, And Eliminate Overwhelm With The Momentum Masterclass If you feel like you're not living your life, running your business, and maintaining your relationships at the highest level, this is the most important message you'll ever read. As entrepreneurs, we have the entire world coming at us, leaving many of us dealing with high pressure and noise and possibly even feeling completely overwhelmed. Turning it off is impossible. Let’s be honest, you really don’t even want to turn it off. That isn’t enough for us. Even with everything we have to work through on a daily basis, we’ve made the decision that we want to have a massive positive impact on the world and still keep our health, our relationships, and our business in momentum at the same time. For many of us, white knuckling and forcing ourselves to work through the pressure and noise that surrounds us is all too common. I see it all the time with coaching students from all walks of life, levels of wealth, and experience. For years, I’ve been obsessed with not only understanding what the most successful entrepreneurs are doing to make the greatest contributions in the world, but taking what they do and implementing into my own life and the lives of my students. The Momentum Masterclass was born out of a necessity. Not only for me to show up and be present for my family, my team, and in my business and my life, but to help other people just like us see how they can achieve the same things -- and how they’re probably already on the road to doing it. What most entrepreneurs lack is a proven system that helps them eliminate overwhelm in their lives, offload where they’re uncomfortable, and build empowered teams that see the vision and help you reach your ultimate destination. We need a proven system that can be customized to our own goals and desires, instead of a one-size-fits-all program that tries to fit us into a nice, neat box that only ends up creating more overwhelm. One that takes your unique challenges and lets you build the system around what you’re facing right now in your life, your relationships, your health, and your path to creating wealth. The Momentum Masterclass is the system I use not only in my own life, but the system that my successful 7-figure, 8-figure, and 9-figure entrepreneur clients use in their lives, too. Here’s a few promises I’ll make to you right now... The Momentum Masterclass will help you see how to get more done every day…. while reducing overwhelm, offload where you’re uncomfortable, and empowers you to make your greatest contributions in life, your health, your business, and your relationships. You will learn how to get into momentum (even if you’ve been in momentum before and feel like you’ve lost it), while getting crystal clear on your long-term goals, and building an actionable path to take you from where you’re at right now to your ultimate end-goal. You will have the tools to completely customize the Momentum Masterclass to your unique strengths. I’ve tried a lot of programs and performed exhaustive research, and I know that a one-size-fits-all program just doesn’t work for people like us. I will give you the systems, processes, and strategies that have been proven successful by countless entrepreneurs who have come before you to make forward progress in every area of your life without having any other area suffer and fall apart. You will have the same planning system I use to track my progress and measure my success so you effectively reduce the pressure and noise in your life and become more productive than you may believe is possible right now. The clear direction and guidance you need to become a transformational leader, more aware, more present, and more focused, so you can set priorities, grow your business, manage your life, and take care of yourself without feeling overwhelmed The Goals For The Momentum Masterclass Are Simple: To help you achieve your life’s purpose without letting people around you down. To understand exactly what you should be doing at any time, in order to create the greatest momentum. To obtain perfect clarity around your priorities and create certainty in how you plan every day. To help you understand (and visualize) that everything you’re doing right now is moving you closer to your long-term goals. To create laser focus to better understand the progress you’re making towards your greater outcomes. To give you a community of people just like us, who see the world the way we do, and are moving forward in momentum every day. To create better connections with your spouse, your children, your team, your business partners, your clients, and end the worry that you’ll let any of them down To step into the voice telling you that you’re capable of so much more, with a proven system to help you tap into the innate ability you have to do more, and be more. You Truly Can Have It All... It really is possible for you to achieve everything you want in your business and obtain congruency in your life, so everything you do works to influence other areas of your life as you move forward. I’ll help you understand the best practices and principles followed by some of the greatest entrepreneurs alive and throughout history. I’ll teach you the exact tactics and techniques used by billionaires to reverse engineer your greatest success. By the end of the Momentum Masterclass, you will have created your unique step-by-step blueprint to achieve higher entrepreneurial success, optimize your health, your physiology, your relationships, your business, and your outlook, so you can immediately create momentum. This isn’t a brand new, untested program. I have countless success stories from people, just like us, who have gone through the Momentum Masterclass with amazing success stories. This isn’t a system I’ve thrown together because I think it sounds good. I use the exact processes you’ll learn in my own life. My wife uses them, my kids use them, my 8-figure and 9-figure clients use them. The Momentum Masterclass is based off real-world experience. Listen to what just a few of my successful students are saying about the power of working with me. The Momentum Masterclass has been built specifically around entrepreneurial personality types and evolutionary hunters. We are hardwired differently than the rest of the world and spend our time hallucinating a better future so we can make it a reality today. The Momentum Masterclass will help you optimize yourself, your relationships, and your business, and help you systematically understand that you are creating momentum and moving towards the greatest contribution you can make in this world. CLICK HERE TO START BUILDING MOMENTUM NOW The Zero Risk Guarantee I’m Giving You... I’ve built this course for a very unique type of entrepreneur at a certain place in their life. I understand completely if the strategies, techniques, systems, and processes that I teach aren’t for you. This program is built specifically for helping: Entrepreneurs who run a team, or are on one. Contractors and freelancers. Artists and creators. Authors and speakers. Leadership teams and executives. Programmers and engineers. Athletes and trainers. Practitioners and physicians. Couples who work together, and couples who don’t. Any one of us who wants to optimize our bodies, our minds, and our chemistry. The Momentum Masterclass isn’t for everyone, I understand that. If, after joining, you decide that the program cannot live up to the promises that I’ve made to you here, simply reach out to us within the first 30 days and let me know that you want a full refund. We’ll happily return your entire purchase price, no hassles, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose by trying the Momentum Masterclass today. In fact, I think you have a lot to lose by not seeing how powerful the training is and understanding exactly how I can help you make a massive positive impact on the world, like so many others before you. CLICK HERE TO START BUILDING MOMENTUM NOW When you enroll today… Not only are you getting access to the entire Momentum Masterclass systems that I’ve built my entire life around, and have helped successful 7-figure, 8-figure, and 9-figure entrepreneurs implement to reach the next level in their own lives.. You’re also going to get these additional bonuses: Bonus #1 - The Complete Momentum Planner System This is how you get more done in a day than most people can accomplish in a week. With the Momentum Planner System, you’ll live your life with intention, learn to offload where you’re uncomfortable, consistently overachieve and program yourself for daily success. You will forward plan with confidence to avoid overwhelm and know exactly what you need to focus on each day. It’s the planning system built specifically for people like us and eliminates the failure-based planning systems that are built around constraint and destroy your momentum. Bonus #2 - Evolutionary Biohacking We are going to reawaken your natural instincts to drive your success. Right now, you have been setup to fail. Today’s fitness paradigm is not true biohacking. The goals are the greatest aesthetic result in the shortest time possible. The Momentum Masterclass will help you tap into your natural evolutionary hunter instincts to build long-term habits that are easy to maintain and deliver the lifelong results you’re looking for. Bonus #3 - Simple & Elegant Routines, Protocols, and Processes After studying neuroscience, physiology, psychology, evolutionary instincts, nervous systems, nutrition, and operant conditioning, I’ve found the Keystone Habits that drive successful people throughout history. I’m going to give you the systems, routines, protocols, and processes that the world’s greatest entrepreneurs use to create awareness, presence, momentum, and an unfair advantage. You’ll also get my morning routines, my checklists, my meal plans, and so much more... Bonus #4 - My Personal List Of Equipment It’s frustrating when you go out and write checks expecting to create momentum and it doesn’t happen. I want to share exactly what works for people like us, and why it works so well. This is one of the most popular pages in the program, for good reasons. I’ve spent decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment that doesn’t live up to its promises. This is the list of tools and equipment that I’ve integrated into my life for one very simple reason -- it works. It works in my life and my client’s lives. The entire program, along with these bonuses, is built specifically to help you optimize your body, maximize your time, get measurable results, and create consistent momentum without willpower, motivation, or white knuckling your way through the process. The end result is you instinctively creating physiological, cognitive, and chemical momentum to create an unfair advantage. When you invest in yourself today, I want to make sure you’re not taking a risk. My guarantee to you is that if you’re not building momentum, feeling the physiological changes in your life, accelerating your business, feeling healthier, while also feeling the pressure and noise in your life go down… We’ll return 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked. Reach out to us and let us know that it’s not right for you, and we’ll refund your investment. CLICK HERE TO START BUILDING REAL MOMENTUM NOW Here’s an in-depth breakdown of each module inside of the Momentum Masterclass. Module #1 - How To Reawaken Your Natural Thirst (Click For More Information) Module #2 - Why We Don’t “Fit In” -- And Why That’s Great For Us (Click For More Information) Module #3 - How To Make Your Business Congruent With Your Vision (Click For More Information) Module #4 - Pressure & Noise -- The Personal Momentum Killer (Click For More Information) Module #5 - Create Confidence, Clarity, And Effortless Commitment (Click For More Information) Module #6 - Forward Planning For True Momentum (Click For More Information) Module #7 - The Momentum Planner For People Like Us (Click For More Information) Module #8 - Hit The Ground Running (Click For More Information) Module #9 - How To Build Momentum In Your Sleep (Click For More Information) Module #10 - Track, Compare, Improve (Click For More Information) Module #11 - The New View On Meditation (Click For More Information) Module #12 - Your Primal Foot (Click For More Information) Module #13 - Primal Foot Tactical Flexibility And Feet Training (Click For More Information) Module #14 - Our Nutritional Evolution & Elimination (Click For More Information) Module #15 - Unique, Specific Nutrition Optimization (Click For More Information) Remember… I’ve built this around my own life, and have helped 7-figure, 8-figure, and 9-figure clients use the exact same system in their own lives -- with success stories to back up what I’m teaching you. This isn’t another program from a coach who doesn’t practice what they’re teaching. I live it and breathe it and my students do, too. Now is the time to build real momentum in your life, let go of the beliefs that you need to white knuckle your way through building your legacy, and show up fully present in your life, your relationships, and your business. The end goal is to get you on the right path to making your greatest contributions in life, maintaining forward momentum, and freeing yourself from the pressure and noise that drives people like us into negative loops and spirals. Once you’ve joined, if you don’t believe the Momentum Masterclass lives up to the claims that I’ve outlined for you today, reach out to us. We’ll refund your entire investment, no hassles, no questions asked. I’ve seen what you’re about to learn changed my life, my family’s lives, and my student’s lives. I hear stories every day about how entrepreneurs are growing, optimizing their health, building hugely successful teams, eliminating overwhelm, and showing up as their best possible self. Click the button below to get started right now. You won’t regret it. That’s my biggest promise to you. CLICK HERE TO BUILD TRUE MOMENTUM IN YOUR LIFE Here’s everything you’ll get in the Momentum Masterclass… (LIMITED TIME) Momentum Community Group - Many of the world’s top influencers, authors, marketers, and experts have already committed to the program. The Momentum Community Group is different than any other group you’re a part of and will help you lower the pressure and noise to build momentum in your life. Momentum Membership Modules- These are the in-depth, minimum effective dose trainings that you can access at any time. Our membership program has been designed specifically with high-level entrepreneurs in mind. Focused, short video modules give you exactly what you need -- they’re all about building momentum. Momentum Planner System - This is the planner system that I use in my own life, created exclusively for entrepreneurial personality types and focused on intention and offloading where you are uncomfortable. It will help you remove constraint and create momentum on a daily basis. One Page Module Summaries - These “cliff note” type summaries will help you anchor the concepts you’re learning and create behavior changes in the fastest way possible. Resources and Worksheets - This is an in-depth, complete training program that includes all of the resources you need to make things easier on yourself and completely customize the program to your specific needs, desires, goals, and challenges to help you create ultimate clarity. Routines and Processes -- One of the biggest shortcuts in the program is all of my personal routines, processes, systems, and protocols. You’ll see what it feels like to use a scientifically driven process for planning, your morning routine, creating maximum productivity, and more. My Personal Inventory - All of the equipment, resources, and products I use after having spent hundreds of thousands on stuff that doesn’t work. This is like shadowing me for a week and getting an inside look into how I do what I do and the tools I use to stay in momentum. 100% Momentum Based Strategies - For people like us, white knuckling only leads to being overwhelmed. We need to feel momentum if we’re going to live up to the standards we’ve set for ourselves and achieve the greatest contribution in this life. Our strategies will give you momentum as soon as you commit and take action. 100% Zero-Risk Money Back Guarantee If, at any time during your first 30 days you decide that the Momentum Masterclass can’t live up to the promises that I’ve made you, I want you to reach out to us. 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  5. How To Build A Six Figure Per Year Online Business Without Being Technical Or Having Previous Experience “I can’t believe she broke up with me.” “I thought we were going to grow old together!” “What do I do now?” BROKEN – that’s the only way I can describe how I felt after my girlfriend of two-and-a-half years walked out on me. I mean – seriously – I wasn’t even mentally or physically capable of dragging myself out of bed most days. Needless to say, I was not in any mood to attend to my online blogging business 8 hours a day. It’s not like I was making a fortune each month, but I’d had 10,000 subscribers and 100,000 visits or more each month to my site. So, there was a time when I felt like I at least had a future with that. But, now… In my misery and despair I’d just let it all slip away. Eventually there was no more money coming in and my blog was dead. Yet, I had to eat and I had to survive. So, I forced myself to get out and get a job… anything… I just needed money and I needed it now. Fortunately my local grocery store offered me an entry level spot which I immediately accepted, starting the very next day. After months in a mental funk, it seemed like maybe the clouds were beginning to lift. But, I’d grossly underestimated how tedious and soul sucking that grocery job would be. Did you know there is an old grocery store illusion called “Facing” where you pretty up the boxes and cans on the grocery store shelves and make it look all straight and perfect. Facing is why it might look like there is a whole row of boxes or cans of a product on a shelf, even if there’s really only 1 or 2 things in the very front. FOR A WHILE THAT’S HOW I SPENT MY DAYS AND MY NIGHTS… Facing. Stocking. More facing. And even more stocking. Oh, and to top it off – it was a minimum wage job – so I was barely scraping by. But, I’ll say this – going to this job I hated every day had one positive side effect. It motivated me to want more from life again. … to want to ACHIEVE again. So, at night after work, I started playing around with SEO – Search Engine Optimization. I’d gotten pretty good at SEO when I was blogging… you don’t get to 100,000 visitors a month by being a slouch. And now I was honing my skills… Sharpening my talents. And quickly getting REAL results! First I used it to promote other people’s products for affiliate commissions. It was – frankly – fast and easy money. It was the win I desperately needed in life. And within weeks I’d had amassed enough cash to live off of for the next few months! SO I QUIT THE GROCERY STORE AND NEVER LOOKED BACK With my affiliate commission windfall I was able to quit that job – and telling my boss – it was like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders. I could start focusing on this Internet thing full time… And finally I had BIG dreams and REAL aspirations again! But, I also wanted to do something to help other businesses. Just selling products as an affiliate – I mean that was ok – there was certainly money in it. But, it didn’t resonate with me. It didn’t bring me joy. I felt like I would be more fulfilled working helping other businesses grow… So, I just had to figure out how to get paid to do it;) After a couple months of working hard on generating local leads with SEO, I perfected my process. I was able to quickly set up new campaigns for almost any business type and have fresh interested leads for a business within hours. And it was then that I started reaching out to business owners near me. I thought the sales pitch I had was brilliant… I called up business owners to offer them this: “Hey, I already have the customers that want what you’re selling. Do you want me to give you those customers?” I left plenty of messages for decision makers. I got quite a few, “I’ll think about it” responses and a fair amount of, “let me get back to you” responses too. So, I decided I’d give it a day and see what happened… I was nervous – would the business owners I talked to really understand the value of what I had offered them?!? I BARELY SLEPT A WINK THAT NIGHT Sleep didn’t come easy that night. I tossed and turned and worried if I would be able to get clients. Finally, morning crept in and I just couldn’t take the suspense any more. So, I fired up my laptop and to check my emails… I remember scrolling down through my messages – and I started to worry that maybe I would have to come up with a plan B to all this. And then BOOM – there it was… “Subject: We want to hire you” An attorney had agreed to hire me for $1000 a month to do his SEO and help him generate leads. And it was a steal for him because I single handedly tripled his business. Word started to spread… And then one after the other they started to fall in line. Before I knew it, I had a whole cadre of local clients spending $1000’s per month with me to help them with their SEO and lead gen. Life was good. I was starting to make a really nice living and it seemed like the future was bright. Then something weird started to happen. A friend would ask me how I was doing what I was doing. Then a friend of that friend would ping me on Skype or Whatsapp and ask me the same thing. I had people literally crawling out of the woodwork to grill me for info on how I was getting so many 4 figure a month clients for my business. AND THEN THIS UNEXPECTED PIVOT CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR GOOD! I had so many people inquiring about my methods for building up my services business that eventually a light bulb went off… “Maybe I should just create a How-To tutorial on what I did – and then offer the step by step training for sale.” I reached out to a good friend of mine, Glen Allsop, to see what he thought. He loved it. So, we quickly assembled our product, priced it at $97, and then launched it to the world. I really didn’t have much in the way of expectations – I hadn’t done a product launch of my own before and I figured if I could just make a little extra cash that would be cool. But, what happened was insane. This thing took on a life of its own. Sale after sale… Day after day… The money just kept pouring in. We were BLOWN AWAY by it all.. And in 30 days, we made six figures in sales. After expenses… After divvying up the profits with Glen… This was still a staggering amount of cash that I’d generated in just under a month. I had been doing well for myself with the services business. But, this was another level entirely. TRUE FREEDOM IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT It was as if my entire online career – the ups and downs and ups again – it was all supposed to lead me to this new reality… A reality where I could bank six figures in a month or two. We’re talking about generating an entire year’s salary for even the top 1% of earners in the world – and I could make that in mere weeks. This was a reality that offered true freedom! Because money was no longer a constraint. So, I handed over the reigns to my client services business to someone I trusted and I began to focus entirely on product development and sales. I reinvested tens of thousands of dollars of my profits into testing out new strategies… I spent over a year fine tuning my processes… And I kept banging out hit after hit. People wanted – no – they demanded the information I was selling. And it just kept getting easier and easier with each launch, where I cranked out six and seven figure best sellers like they were going out of style. And what I ended up with was a specific blueprint that I could follow straight to success… Over and over again. It wasn’t luck… Or just a one off fluke kind of thing. It was proven, consistent, and replicable success Which has freed me from money worries entirely… And has allowed me to travel the globe in style. IT’S YOUR TURN FOR A FREEDOM-BASED LIFESTYLE Flash forward to today… I have helped over 1200 clients to create and launch highly successful products of their own in practically every niche known to man. I’ve shown these same students how to quickly and easily develop in-demand digital products… Often times without them having to actually create anything. And I’ve given them the secrets to flipping the switch and unleashing floods of targeted traffic to buy their products… If you have ever… Tried to build an online following only to end up with minuscule engagement and a severe lack of interest… Created your own product hoping for a mass cash infusion, only to be met with low or no sales at all… Tried and failed to make ANY money online in any capacity at all before… Or just want to get a true step by step method for generating six figures in near record time. Then you need this, right now: MY COPY-PASTE SIMPLE BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS THAT IS SIX FIGURE INC. This includes all the steps in the exact order you need to follow… Without the hurdles… Without the questions… Without complication or confusion… It’s truly the culmination of my decade plus of time spent learning all this through trial and error, along with my many tens of thousands of dollars in testing and perfecting! Even if you’ve never done this before… Even if you don’t have a product of your own to sell today… Even if you’ve never made a penny online in your life… This is the complete blueprint – top to bottom – no stone unturned. You simply won’t find anything else like this online or offline – anywhere. It’s the EXACT same system and structure I have personally followed to generate millions in sales profits and that allows me to live a life of complete freedom. Now, here’s how we do this for you too… CATERING TO A HOT AND IN-DEMAND NICHE AND MAPPING OUT YOUR PRODUCT Some people think you should try and get into markets with low or no competition – those people are dead wrong. You want in-demand verticals because that’s where the buyers are… And that’s where the money is! When you understand how to tap into these high demand markets, you’ll become an unstoppable online product selling machine. You’ll love discovering how to know whether a niche will convert BEFORE you ever put any effort into creating a product for it. I’ll demonstrate a super sneaky little tool that shows you how to spy on your competition and figure out what they’re doing and if they’re making any money, so you know if you should be modeling them… I’ll also walk you through several real-world examples of 6 figure, 7 figure and even 8 figure info product businesses in different niches. Using these examples as frameworks to outline your own products will help you to spit out profitable in-demand products with ease. And then next we need to help you… CRAFT YOUR IRRESISTIBLE OFFER Far too often new marketers make the mistake of thinking if they have a good and valuable product… in a hot niche… then they’re bound to be rich. Nope. Big volume product launches that generate 6, 7, and 8 figures in weeks or even days will ALWAYS employ high quality copywriting and sales fundamentals. Because this is what converts visitors to sales. So, we’ll make sure that every offer you create hits the pain points of your audience and gets conversions for you! You’ll discover the golden rule of a successful offer, what TRULY makes an offer irresistible, and how to hit the emotional pain points that get people to buy. With this crash course in sales and selling I break things down and make it so easy for you that you’ll be cranking out high converting copy even if you hate writing! I’m also breaking down my best copywriting tips and resources so that you can easily create a sales letter or video sales letter that gets people to buy from you. Trust me… when you follow my methods for crafting offers that convert, you’ll find yourself enjoying this part of the process. And you’ll understand what it really takes to get people to buy – which is invaluable to you – even if you hire copywriters to write for you, now you’ll be able to tell if they’re doing what needs to be done to convert! On top of all that, this next section takes things to another level… GENERATE FLOODS OF TARGETED TRAFFIC AND LEADS If you create a product, write sales sucking copy, and then put your offer live, it’s all entirely for naught if you don’t have traffic and leads. That’s why I am pulling back the curtain on the top lead generation and traffic strategies I have personally used for all my best selling successes. Everything is revealed – including both paid and organic methods so that you’ll be sure to find a strategy that suits your budget and personality. You’ll discover my favorite Facebook and Google Adwords strategies to generating highly targeted traffic and leads in just minutes with a click of the button. I LOVE this one and not many people are talking about it yet – I’m going to do a deep dive into YouTube advertising, including organic Youtube traffic strategies – both of which are amazing for targeted clicks for super cheap! You’ll be immersed in traffic training to help you put eyeballs on your offers as soon as you’ve completed them. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on varied traffic methods over the years, so what you’re getting is the best of the best. This stuff’s been tested, tweaked, optimized – and proven to work. And don’t worry – if you are on a tight budget – I’ll give you several potent free traffic methods that will allow you to generate sales… so you can reinvest into paid traffic and start scaling! So, now it’s time to… LAUNCH YOUR PRODUCT You’ve selected a hot niche with buyers a-plenty… You’ve built out your product or training program and you’ve crafted an irresistible offer that easily converts visitors to buyers… You’ve begun testing traffic and customers are coming in… Now it’s time to hit the Green Light and launch your product to success! At this point, much of the hard work has been done. Yet, there’s a few vital factors that could make or break you from here. So, I’m going to show you how to properly set up your launch ads and emails to make sure that you’re ALWAYS turning prospects into customers.. I’m giving you the keys to best manage your customer support requests and I’ll reveal how to collect data and gather feedback to help you optimize your member experience (THIS COULD BE WORTH BIG $ IN FUTURE SALES). You’ll discover the secret to tracking your metrics to be sure your product funnel is profitable and scalable. And so much more… Frankly, with this Masterclass, it’s practically impossible for you to fail. Unless, you do nothing – and well – it’s common sense that doing nothing produces zero results. But, I don’t think that’s you. I think YOU ARE AN ACTION TAKER. And Get This…. I have an entire rolodex of students that have followed this formula to incredible success. So, see what they think… YOU DON’T NEED TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT BECAUSE MY STUDENTS HAVE SOME OF THEIR OWN THOUGHTS TO SHARE WITH YOU! I could talk for days about the successes my students have experienced. But, I’d rather you hear it from them, in their own words: It’s not rocket science when you follow the blueprint I have laid out for you. Anyone can do it. And YES… YOU can do this too… PLUS I’M NOT EVEN CLOSE TO DONE HERE YET… I’m dedicated to helping you succeed. As quickly… And easily as humanly possible. So, that’s why I am also handing you these very valuable bonuses worth $4279 all by themselves, when you take action today. These could quite frankly be a standalone program in their own right, but they’re yours free today for joining 6 Figure Inc. Bonus 1: Affiliate Business Boost This advanced class in affiliate marketing is going to add an instant income stream to your new business. If you’ll recall, affiliate marketing is what allowed me to stash a wad of cash away to quit my grocery store job back in the day… And it’s the perfect low-effort high-return strategy for enhancing your income today. I’ll detail exactly how to find affiliate programs to promote and to choose the right products to promote to get the biggest commissions, right to your accounts, often within just days. I’ll reveal what is working and what’s not working today, even giving you a real-world example of an affiliate funnel, setup for you in real time. Plus, I’m going to show you how to integrate affiliate marketing offers with your brand new info product funnel to leverage your assets… And make more sales and money – FASTER. Not only am I giving you this step by step formula for affiliate marketing success, you’re also getting… Bonus 2: My Proven Sales Funnel Templates Creating a product – that’s one thing – but creating the sales funnel to sell that product, well that’s an entirely different animal all on its own! That’s why this may very well be the biggest bonus of them all and worth more than the entire cost of Six Figure Inc itself. Because I’ve paid and invested thousands in designers, copywriters, advertising, testing, and optimization so that you don’t have to. The result is a PROVEN done for you funnel template that has EVERYTHING you need, top to bottom, including: Webinar optin template Webinar thank you page Webinar powerpoint slide template Webinar replay page template Autowebinar email sequences Product launch email sequences I’m dead serious about getting your first six figure product launched ASAP, and this fully customizable funnel template means that you’re in business TODAY. This next bonus will help you integrate an added stream of online income to your new product funnel, almost instantly. Bonus 3: Plug And Play Affiliate Funnel Just. Add. Traffic. It’s that simple to monetize this valuable bonus sales funnel template I’m handing you absolutely free as a new member of Six Figure Inc. I paid for my team of designers and copywriters to build you a high converting ready ready-to-go info product funnel including full email copy swipes and example ads that you use right now to generate insane affiliate commissions. All you need to do is add in your own affiliate link… And then start sending traffic. And sit back as the commissions start rolling in. You’d pay well over $497 to get this affiliate funnel built out for yourself, but it’s yours free when you get in Six Figure Inc today. This next bonus is the fastest way to get huge floods of ultra targeted traffic without spending a penny in advance… Bonus 4: Six Figure JV Blueprint Want six figures (or more) in just a few days? Then this bonus training will be the answer to your dreams… Because it’s a step by step roadmap to a SURGE of uber targeted traffic and sales, in the fastest time imaginable. In fact, some of my best product launches using JV’s have generated six figures in sales with less than a day’s work! When I first got started I didn’t know anybody else (but my one blogging buddy) and I certainly didn’t know where to find these Power JV’’s (much less know how to get them to send me their traffic)… Yet, I spent years perfecting a reachout, follow up, and onboarding system that had elite JV partners actually hunting me down to promote for me. And now I’m handing you all the shortcuts… I’m saving you years of struggles and heartache by showing you exactly how to find and bring on top JV’s in any vertical you wish, even if you don’t know a soul online today. You’ll be able to model me step by step as I show you my proven replicable process for setting up wildly profitable joint venture promotions. And, last but not least, I want to make it easy for you to interact with me and your fellow Six Figure product owners! Bonus 5: Private Facebook Group As a member of Six Figure Inc you’re always just one short hop away from help, guidance, and motivation thanks to this valuable bonus. Because you’ll get access to me and many other Six Figure Inc members around the clock in our private invite only Facebook group. Whether you’re looking for answers on how to do something in the training… Or whether you’re hoping for some critiques and insights on stuff you’re creating… Or whether you just need a little motivation… Now you can post ALL your questions and engage with me and a community of like minded marketers. And I have to tell you, there are many very smart, talented, and successful people in this group, putting you in VERY good company. You would have to pay thousands of dollars alone for this level of support, yet as a member of Six Figure Inc, you’re getting it free for the lifetime of your membership! Now… Listen… It’s plain to see that there is an extraordinary amount of value here… AND FRANKLY I SHOULD BE CHARGING MUCH MORE FOR ALL OF THIS THAN I AM… I spent a decade of long hours and often grueling days – as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money to get where I am today… I’ve attended dozens of conferences… I’ve spent a fortune on masterminds and meetups all around the world to learn from the cream of the crop of the industry. After all that work and money spent… I discovered the patterns, habits, work ethic, and business principles of the most successful entrepreneurs. I mastered using paid ads to drive FAST unlimited traffic to my funnels – on demand. I developed a formula for staggering numbers of automated sales through the right combination of my info products and affiliate offers. And I perfected the science of creating and launching digital products – over and over again – to achieve 6 and 7 figure sales… Every single time… Without fail. And now I’m handing you everything I’ve learned about this. I’m giving you the blueprint. It’s step by step simple to follow. And it’s replicable for anyone. AND YOU GET EVERYTHING TODAY WITHOUT INVESTING A DECADE OF LEARNING AND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LIKE I DID My friends, family, and everyone I know in the industry think I have lost my mind because what I’ve included here for you today should be at LEAST $10,000. I could set up a webinar, generate leads, and sell this package at that price all day every day. And GET THIS… It would be a STEAL at that price. Because this is a roadmap to 6 figure success, financial freedom, and real peace of mind. But I won’t ask that price of you today. I won’t ask $10,000 for this training… Even though the value of the bonuses alone is thousands of dollars all by themselves. I’m not even going to ask $4,997 of you. I’m looking to give you the hand up I wish I had way back when I got started. So, I’m going to make this as affordable as possible if you act right here and right now. Today, on this page only, as part of a special limited-time offer… You can get the complete Six Figure Inc Masterclass and ALL the bonuses for a small one-time investment of just $2,997. YES DIRK, I WANT TO JOIN SIX FIGURE INC, LET’S DO THIS And, I’ll take it a step further here… I’m going to shoulder all the risk too! YOUR INVESTMENT IS FULLY PROTECTED BY MY 30 DAY ZERO RISK 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE I’m confident that you’ll love my Six Figure Inc. online training program and I’m convinced that when you see your results for yourself… you’ll be thrilled! You’re getting instant access to EVERYTHING… So you can put the entire system into action for yourself as soon as today. To put it plainly, I won’t be happy unless you are. Which means, you’re either going to be ecstatic with your results or I want you to send me and my team an email to let us know. Because I’ll give you a 100% refund in full if you are not completely satisfied – anytime within 30 days of purchase – with no hard feelings and no hassle. There’s Zero Risk to you. But you have to act – TODAY. Listen… Every minute you go without this blueprint is likely to cost you in time, money, and energy. And I don’t want you to experience the pain of struggling any longer… I don’t want you to deal with the pain of spending years and tens of thousands of dollars to find your success – like I did. I want something BETTER for you today. I want something FASTER for you today. Which is why I’m making the complete 6 Figure Inc. masterclass available to you at a sizeable discount… When you take action right here… And right now… GET THE SIX FIGURE INC. MASTERCLASS AND ALL THE BONUSES $2,997 gets you instant access to EVERYTHING. That’s $10,000 in Total REAL WORLD VALUE that’s all yours for a single one time payment of $2,997 today, 100% risk free. YES DIRK, I WANT TO JOIN SIX FIGURE INC, LET’S DO THIS Or choose our payment plan and pay only $497 today, and another 5 easy payments of $497 every thirty days… whichever works best for you. You’re getting… The Mindsets For Success to get rid of any limiting beliefs and prepare you for your first 6 figure product launch right now. Catering To A Hot And In-demand Niche And Mapping Out Your Product so you can build for audiences that are actively searching out what you’re selling. Crafting Your Irresistible Offer to get more people whipping out their credit cards and spending money on your products. Creating Your Digital Product to quickly and easily build a digital product that has significant value and that you can be proud to sell. Generate Floods Of Targeted Leads to build a large ravenous audience that want what you have to offer Launching Your Product to generate 6 figures and start hitting your life freedom goals immediately. Going Evergreen to create a sales process that generates revenue months and even years after you’ve launched your products. This complete online masterclass includes all the steps in the exact order you need to follow… And it’s the culmination of my decade plus of time spent learning all this through trial and error, along with my many tens of thousands of dollars in testing and perfecting! Plus, you’re also getting all these valuable bonuses, which I could easily sell for thousands as standalone programs in their own right: Bonus 1: Affiliate Marketing 101 This is the perfect low-effort high-return strategy for enhancing your income today. And in this training I’ll detail exactly how to find affiliate programs to promote and to choose the right products to promote to get the biggest commissions, right to your accounts, often within just days. Bonus 2: My Personal Sales Funnel Templates This may very well be the biggest bonus of them all and worth more than the entire cost of Six Figure Inc itself. Because I’ve paid many thousands of dollars to top designers and copywriters, plus thousands more for advertising, testing, and optimization – so that you don’t have to. You’re getting a complete – PROVEN – done for you funnel template that has EVERYTHING you need, top to bottom. Just add in YOUR info and use this template to sell your new products! Bonus 3: Ready-To-Go Sales Funnel – Just Drive Traffic I also paid for my team of designers and copywriters to build you a high converting ready ready-to-go info product funnel including full email copy swipes and example ads. Use these immediately to generate insane affiliate commissions just by plugging in your own affiliate link… And then sending traffic. It’s THAT simple! Bonus 4: Six Figure JV Blueprint This is your step by step roadmap to a SURGE of uber targeted traffic and sales, in the fastest time imaginable. I spent years perfecting a reachout, follow up, and onboarding system that had elite JV partners actually hunting me down to promote for me… Now I’m handing you all the shortcuts so you can follow my proven replicable process for setting up profitable joint venture promotions and hit your Six Figure sales targets every time! Bonus 5: Private Facebook Group If you’re looking for answers on how to do something in the training, you’re hoping for some critiques and insights on stuff you’re creating, or even if you just need a little motivation… Now you can post ALL your questions and engage with me and a community of like minded marketers with this super valuable invite-only Facebook Group.. There are many very smart, talented, and successful people in this group, ready to help you finally achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of! Everything you need to create and launch 6 figure products of your own is here for you in this easy to follow but super powerful Masterclass. And now… The time is right for you to achieve the financial freedom and peace of mind you’ve been dreaming of. Getting started is so easy. Simply click the button below now to claim this limited special offer right now! CLICK TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO SIX FIGURE INC WITH MY ZERO RISK 30 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: YES DIRK, I WANT TO JOIN SIX FIGURE INC, LET’S DO THIS To your success, Dirk “Diggy” de Bruin CLICK TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO SIX FIGURE INC WITH MY ZERO RISK 30 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: YES DIRK, I WANT TO JOIN SIX FIGURE INC, LET’S DO THIS PS – Six Figure Inc includes all the steps in the exact order you need to follow without the hurdles, without the questions, and without complication or confusion… It’s the surest way for you to begin building and launching six figure products of your own in the fastest time possible. Click Here to get started today: PPS – This is the culmination of my decade plus of time spent learning all this through trial and error, along with my many tens of thousands of dollars in testing and perfecting! I’m handing you the ultimate shortcut here – you just have to take action and follow the steps I laid out for you in the training. Click Here and get on your way to financial freedom today. PPS – This can work for you even if you’ve never done this before, even if you don’t have a product of your own to sell today, and even if you’ve never made a penny online in your life. Getting started is SOOO simple. Just Click Here to begin, 100% risk free today: PPPS – This is the EXACT same system and structure I have personally followed to generate millions in sales online from my own product launches and evergreen funnels, which allows me to live a life of complete freedom. Now, you can put that system and structure to work for you too. Click Here to get started immediately – and get instant access to the entire masterclass and all the bonuses! CLICK TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO SIX FIGURE INC WITH MY ZERO RISK 30 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: YES DIRK, I WANT TO JOIN SIX FIGURE INC, LET’S DO THIS For Product Support, please contact the vendor HERE. For Order Support, please contact ClickBank HERE. © Copyright 2019 Six Figure Inc. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product. Earnings Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service| Members Login [Hidden Content]
  6. 4-Week Email Copywriting Masterclass ...Includes The Exact Email Templates and Sales Scripts I've Used To Sell 10-Email Packages To Clients For $200 to $5,000+ Enroll Now How I Became A Well-Paid Freelance Copywriter With Email Copywriting And Created My Dream Life (And, How You Can Too!) Do you remember your first client? I remember mine. I was living on a small tropical island in the Philippines at the time, and I was broke. I literally had $119.37 left in my bank account... Uh oh... With $119.37 left in my bank account, I was desperate. I was stranded in a foreign country with almost no money... I didn't speak the language, and I couldn't afford to buy a plane ticket home. ...I had to make money fast. One day, I found myself talking to Dan Andrews (from TropicalMBA.com) at the resort where I lived. He'd heard I was studying copywriting, and said he needed someone smart to write an email autoresponder sequence for him (an "email autoresponder sequence" is a series of 5, 10 or any number of emails, organized into a sequence, usually with the goal of selling a product or service). I told him I could do it, but I didn't know what to charge him... Dan offered me $200 to write 10 emails for his business. I almost passed out... I mean, who in their right mind would pay cold hard cash for... emails? Being desperate and stranded in a foreign country with no money, I stammered out a "yes" and got to work. Over the next 2 days, I worked all day and almost all night (like I said, I was desperate) to create a 10-email autoresponder sequence for Dan's Tropical MBA website. I used every strategy, trick and hack I could think of... I wanted these emails to be absolutely incredible. Once he was satisfied with the emails, I created a landing page and a link on his website for people to sign up to get the 10 emails. And then, we waited for the results. In the end, my 10-email autoresponder campaign and opt-in funnel increased their email opt-ins by 257%. John increased our email opt-in rate by 257%. Hire him. He's great. Dan Andrews Tropical MBA In other words, they generated 2.5X as many leads thanks to me. More leads meant more sales and more money... Dan eagerly told his friends and network about the great results I'd gotten for him. Thanks to Dan's referrals, that first 10-email project for $200 brought me my second 10-email project... but the second time, I asked for $500 (and got it). Over the next few months, I kept my head down and worked hard, striving to make every email campaign and copywriting project a big win for everyone involved. Soon... I was getting paid $1,000 per 10-email project. The best part? My clients came to me... I didn't have to seek them out. Thanks to the copywriting work I'd done with Dan Andrews at TropicalMBA.com and several other key clients, I'd built a reputation as "The Autoresponder Guy". People recommended me on webinars, at conferences, to their friends, mentors, and clients. Since then, I've increased my rates even further. These days, I generally charge $10,000 or more for email copywriting projects (and that's if I even accept the project - I turn down most projects because I can't keep up with the demand). So life is good. Really good. Overlooking Medellín, Colombia (once known as the "Murder Capital of the World"). I can live and work anywhere in the world. In the last 5 years, I've lived in the Philippines, Thailand, the US, Canada, Colombia, and Germany. I've traveled to many more places including the British Virgin Isles (to meet Richard Branson on his private island), Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal and many more. I'm free to pursue hobbies, passions and other interests. Freelance copywriting has allowed me to explore the start-up world of Silicon Valley, meet interesting people like Richard Branson, travel the world (like I already mentioned), work on my music (I've been a guitarist for 15 years), read amazing books, and all sorts of other things. richard-branson Playing "dress ups" with Richard Branson (Virgin) at a party on Necker Island, his private island in the Caribbean. digital-nomad-dcbkk-bangkok-thailand Partying with friends in Bangkok, Thailand. I enjoy more quality time with friends and family. Thanks to the freedom that comes with freelance copywriting, I enjoy more quality time with friends and family. And when I'm with them, I'm not distracted by work. I'm present with them, because I'm not thinking about the frustrating boss or the commute to the office. I get to work at home too (yes, in my underwear if I wish!), so I'm simply available more for the people I love. Now, I want to show YOU how to write emails the way I write emails, so you can experience some of this amazing freedom for yourself... that's why I created the McIntyre Method. In the McIntyre Method, you'll discover the exact process I follow to create 10-email autoresponder sequences for clients (as well as the exact email templates and sales scripts I've used to sell 10-email packages for $200 to $5,000+). I can't promise you that you'll be able to sell 10 emails for $1,000, or even $200. But what I can promise you is that you'll discover the recipe behind my client projects. What I write, and how I sell it. And you'll be able to apply this to your own business, and to your own work with clients. Think of it as a "done for you" copywriting service that you can sell to any and all of your clients, for as much or as little as you wish. It's not all theory either. You get checklists, templates and homework assignments (including the exact email templates and sales scripts I've used for 5+ years to build my copywriting business). The idea is to get you DOING something... actually WRITING emails so you truly learn how to do it (instead of having that useless form of knowledge known as "head knowledge"). You'll finally be able to "walk the walk" when it comes to email copywriting. Enroll Now Discover The Exact Process I Follow To Create 10-Email Packages For Clients Plus, Get The Exact Email Templates and Sales Scripts That I Use To Sell These 10-Email Packages For $200 to $5,000+ Enroll Now Are You Frustrated Because You Never Finish Any Of The Business And Marketing Courses You Buy? I feel you. In my time as an entrepreneur and freelance copywriter, I've bought my fair share of business and marketing courses that I've never finished. And you know what? It's freakin' frustrating... If I peek into my 'Downloads' folder, I see all the courses that I've left unfinished, and I feel guilty... Then I wonder if I'll ever be able to finish anything... One day, I realized that if I don't finish and implement what I learn in a business or marketing course, the problem usually lies with the course - not with me. For example - Have You Ever Noticed How Some Business And Marketing Courses Are EASY And SIMPLE To Complete? While the course material might be complex, the instructor or teacher presents it in a way that's easy to understand, easy to digest, and most importantly... ...easy to implement. That's why I believe it's the course creator's responsibility to design it in such a way that you COMPLETE the course and IMPLEMENT what you learn. Well, you'll be glad to know that I've designed the McIntyre Method Masterclass with this in mind. You get everything in bite-sized pieces so you actually understand what you're learning - instead of being overwhelmed by it. In addition, you'll complete checklists, outlines and specific homework assignments throughout the masterclass that help you implement what you learn. See, the key OUTCOME (in other words, the RESULT) of the McIntyre Method Masterclass is a 10-email autoresponder sequence that you have written yourself. You don't just watch a few videos, complete some homework assignments and then go find the next course out there on the interwebz. You'll literally take what you learn in each masterclass lesson and APPLY IT IMMEDIATELY - with the end result being a 10-email autoresponder that you've written yourself. Yes, "head knowledge" is important, but at the end of the day, it's what you DO that matters. Remember... Even The Best Techniques And Strategies Are Worthless If You Don’t Do Anything With Them... This masterclass could be summed up as… “Do this, then that.” I take you by the hand and walk you through the exact process I use when writing email autoresponders for clients, from start to finish. By the end of the 4 weeks, you'll have written a 10-email autoresponder sequence that you can sell to clients or use to grow your own business. Plus, you'll also have access to the EXACT email templates and sales scripts that I've used to sell 10-email packages to clients for $200 to $5,000 or more. So don't stress if you don't know how to get clients, or how to sell email copywriting as a service... because I'm gonna cover it in the course. By the way... Don’t let the idea of “4 weeks” scare you off. You’ll spend just 2-4 hours per week watching the videos and completing the tasks each week. Plus, you get access to the entire course immediately, so you can do it at your own pace - as fast or as slow as you wish. So whether you're unemployed and have all the time in the world, you've got 3 kids or you work 40+ hours a week, you can find the time to fit in the McIntyre Method Masterclass. Enroll Now Maybe You're Overwhelmed And You Need Something Simple And Easy To Digest... The McIntyre Method takes the complex and makes it easy to digest... I've read Dan Kennedy and all those guys but it's *a lot* of material. The McIntyre Method takes the complex and makes it easy to digest. Drew Sanocki Entrepreneur So What Does This Email Copywriting Masterclass Actually Cover? Week 1 - The Big Picture If you're struggling with copywriting, it's probably because you don't understand the big picture of marketing as a whole. It sounds simple, but the fact is, this is where most people fail. If you get the big picture wrong, the rest is a waste of time... but if you get it right, your emails will write themselves. That's why the McIntyre Method Masterclass begins with The Big Picture. In Week 1, you’ll discover: The number 1 thing you need to know before you begin writing a single email How to write autoresponders with ease (instead of staring at the screen) An in-depth look at the 4-step process I use to write autoresponders for clients (clients pay thousands of dollars for my emails - and I'm going to reveal exactly what I do for them) A unique concept that makes autoresponders a “cinch” to write One often-overlooked word that underlies ALL effective copywriting How to make your email copywriting much more satisfying and fulfilling How to kick off the email copywriting process with a bang (like a general, you have to start from a position of strength) One magic word that can transform your marketing (not just your autoresponders) What is the most important element of writing an autoresponder? Most business owners make this COMMON mistake (it’s so easy to avoid you’ll kick yourself for missing this one) Nail this and your autoresponder will “write itself” 2 things you must know about your prospects before you write a single email A weird but surprisingly simple secret from the world’s greatest copywriter The driving force of your marketing (and how to master it) Simple (but rarely used) strategies that take you inside a prospect’s brain and show you his deepest dreams and desires Why you need to talk to the marketplace (including a simple 3-question survey to send to your list) Writing great emails all comes back to this 7-letter word A simple analogy that triggers a “light bulb” moment in everyone I tell it to 8 questions you must answer about your product before you write a word of copy Week 2 - Create Your Outline Your outline is your map. It takes you from Point A (where you are now – not enough sales or money) to Point B (where you want to be – truckloads of sales and money). Without a detailed map, you’ll get lost, go off course and end up some place you didn’t intend on getting to. If you understand the big picture but still struggle with copywriting, it may be because you haven't developed a detailed outline based on the core McIntyre Method principles. In Week 2, you’ll discover: Why most people get this step backwards (and how to break the pattern) How to turn your notes from Week 1 into a sophisticated autoresponder outline How to rapidly generate content ideas for your email autoresponder sequence A super-fast strategy for creating an autoresponder outline (I use this with clients regularly) Common mistakes that almost everyone makes with email autoresponder content My personal email copywriting “best practices” checklist (the result of numerous projects with various clients) Several keys to compelling content (you won’t hear this on any run-of-the-mill marketing blog) Why content is NOT king when it comes to email marketing A crucial step you MUST take before you begin writing your autoresponder Simple tricks that guarantee you’ll follow through with your writing (this is a life-saver for anyone who has ever tried to write but never finished) A nifty strategy that causes your open rate to INCREASE over time (common wisdom states that it should decrease but I’ll explain how it doesn’t have to be that way) Why Hollywood screenwriters are the best email copywriters Weird (and effective) lessons from talk show radio you can apply to your emails Week 3 - Write Your Emails It’s time to put pen to paper and turn your outline into a hard-hitting, high-converting autoresponder that drives sales on autopilot - for you AND for your clients. In Week 3, you’ll discover: Why subject lines don’t matter (and more importantly, what DOES matter) How to use PS’s to “sell without selling” When to pitch your products (and how to do it without pissing people off) Should you send daily emails? What tone of voice do people respond to most? How to use psychological hacks to trigger a “flow state”, that magical moment where everything you write is golden Simple strategies that get prospects addicted to reading your emails How often should you put links in each email? The single BIGGEST thing you need to focus on when writing your emails Plain text or HTML – what’s the verdict? How long should each email be? 7 ways to open your emails that get readers instantly engaged Naughty subject lines that make me cringe (but I always open the email) How many emails should your autoresponder sequence be? (my answer will surprise you) Week 4 - Launch! In the final week, you'll put the pieces together. You'll sign up to a recommended autoresponder service and add your emails (or if you're doing this for a client, you'll add their emails into their email software). Next, you'll create a landing page, begin driving traffic and - if you've followed the McIntyre Method steps correctly - you'll see signups and sales. In Week 4, you’ll discover: How to create a landing page properly (and, why this is one of the LAST steps, not the first) What email autoresponder service should you use? Where should you put your opt-in form? Do blog sidebar opt-in forms work? How I DOUBLED a client’s opt-in rate by making it HARDER to opt-in Why “put your opt-in form above the fold” is complete NONSENSE (and what you should do instead) When it comes to landing pages, this is where the goo-roos get it all wrong One of the biggest marketing companies on the planet makes this DUMB email marketing mistake (you'll be dumbfounded at how stupid this mistake is) Little-known problems with popular email autoresponder providers Why burying your opt-in form below TONS of content increases opt-ins (not decreases like most people would think - however, there's a right way and a wrong way to do it, and I'll show you the right way...) What metrics should you track? (I NEVER look at open rates) How to measure the success of an autoresponder Enroll Now Did You Know That This Masterclass Includes The Exact Email Templates and Sales Scripts I've Used To Sell 10-Email Packages To Clients For $200 to $5,000+? Let's Talk About Those Amazing Email Templates And Sales Scripts... Past customers say that the great thing about the McIntyre Method Masterclass is that it includes the exact "word for word" email templates and sales scripts I've used for years to run my freelance copywriting business. These email templates and sales scripts include: The email template I use for booking an initial sales call (when someone contacts me about my email copywriting service) The sales script I use for my sales calls (I've used this exact "word for word" script to close deals worth $1,000 to $10,000+) The email template I use to send my invoice and project information over to the client (this email eliminates the need for any formal contracts or paperwork, makes the client more comfortable, and increases the chances of the person paying your invoice) The questionnaire I send to clients after they have paid (this questionnaire is designed to elicit everything I need to complete the copywriting project - it saves me a TON of time and leads to amazing copy) The call script I use for discovery or research calls (this script is for when the questionnaire isn't enough and I need an additional phone call with the client to discuss their business in more depth) The email template I use to deliver my copy upon completion The email template I use to follow up and request a referral and testimonial (this includes a nifty trick to get a verified testimonial almost every single time you ask for one) Plus, you'll also get 3 "real life" examples from my own clients. Yes. I'm literally going to give you the exact 10-email autoresponder sequences I created for 3 separate clients. You'll be able to download these and review them in detail to see exactly what people are paying me for. In other words, you get "word for word" templates and scripts (that have been battle-tested in my own business) you can use to run your copywriting business, plus "real life" examples of my copywriting projects so you understand what clients pay for. But Wait, There's More... I'm not just going to give you the exact email templates and sales scripts that I've used to run my email copywriting business for years... ...I'm also going to give you an 8-video training course called How To Get Email Copywriting Clients. BONUS COURSE: How To Get Email Copywriting Clients This course explains my 7-step process for getting email copywriting clients. While it's designed with email copywriting clients in mind, the process can be used to find clients for any type of copywriting product or service (such as sales letters, sales funnels, webinars, etc). In this BONUS course (included with the McIntyre Method Masterclass), you'll discover: how to get really good at copywriting (whether you're writing emails, sales pages, video sales letters, webinars, blog posts, or any other form of copy) how do you know when you're ready to write for clients? (here's a list of criteria that you need to hit before you should write for clients.) how to choose a target market for your copywriting services (and how to avoid making the same DUMB mistake that I did when choosing a target market) 3 good examples of "niching down" (that you would do well to study) 3 bad examples of "niching down" (don't make the same avoidable mistakes that these people made) how to figure out where your target market hangs out online how to get your target market's attention in a way that is confident instead of needy (so that they know, like and trust you, and eventually give you cold hard cash for your copywriting services) 10 potential marketing channels for acquiring copywriting clients (and how to combine them to increase their impact and results) the 4 client acquisition channels that worked best for me (and how to use the same approach to fast-track your freelance copywriting career) 11 copywriting job boards that you can use to find copywriting jobs why you should NEVER close deals via email (except on the rare occasion that I'll explain in the course) how to get people on the phone so you can sell them (we'll also review the exact "word for word" sales script that I use to land copywriting deals in my own business) what to do if you don't have a portfolio how to charge for your copywriting services (and how to increase your rates over time) the sweet spot for "price per email" (and why some people will pay tens of thousands of dollars for emails) whether or not you should do free projects in order to build your portfolio how to figure out how much someone is willing to pay for your copywriting services even if they don't give you a specific budget how to get paid before you start the project (I've made it a point to always get paid before I write a single word of copy, and you should do - here's how) how to set your own deadline for your copywriting projects how to send your completed copywriting files to the client (while minimizing the edits they request) how to get a testimonial and referral after you have completed the project (as well as a nifty trick that virtually guarantees you'll get a testimonial and referral from the client) how much time to devote each day to marketing in order to be successful at freelance copywriting Think About It This Way... The McIntyre Method Masterclass gives you the skills to write powerful, persuasive emails. How To Get Email Copywriting Clients shows you how to sell your newfound email copywriting skills to clients for $200 to $5,000+. Lastly, the email templates and sales scripts save you time and massively shortcut the learning process. It's a match made in heaven... especially if you want to make money as a copywriter. Maybe You're Looking For Honest, "No Secret" Copywriting Advice Like Blake Was... Blake Sterling Copywriter It's pure balls-to-the-wall, sound copywriting advice... Hey John, loving MM man. The structure you have set up is great. I'm even more impressed by your willingness to share your info. There's no 'secret' in MM. It's pure balls-to-the-wall, sound copywriting advice that anyone can and should follow. Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Member's Area... Get all lessons and course material. The masterclass homepage includes every lesson (31 lessons in total). It updates as you complete lessons and modules, so you know exactly where you're up to in the course and what's remaining. Watch the welcome video. In the welcome video, you'll learn more about the course, what to expect and how to get the most out of it. Stay motivated with the progress bar. Track your progress with the auto-updating progress bar inside the member's area. You'll know how much you've accomplished, and how far you have to go. The progress bar makes you more likely to actually complete the masterclass (so you improve your email copywriting, get more clients and make more money). Mark each lesson as complete. When you have completed a lesson, click "Mark Lesson As Complete" and you'll be automatically redirected to the next lesson. Easy and simple. Eliminates distraction. Keeps you focused. Get audio, PDF transcripts, templates, checklists and homework assignments. Each lesson includes a PDF transcript (if you prefer to read), MP3 download (if you prefer to listen), as well as checklists, outlines, templates and homework assignments. Get your questions answered. On each lesson page, you have the opportunity to ask a question or comment. If you're confused about something, or you want feedback on an idea, simply post a quick comment and get your answer. Enroll Now Read What People Are Saying... Increased conversions by about 19%... Well sir, the split test is in and your recommendations increased the conversions by about 19%, so I bow to you and your copy knowledge. Mark Manson Blogger Blake Sterling Copywriter It's pure balls-to-the-wall, sound copywriting advice... Hey John, loving MM man. The structure you have set up is great. I'm even more impressed by your willingness to share your info. There's no 'secret' in MM. It's pure balls-to-the-wall, sound copywriting advice that anyone can and should follow. The McIntyre Method takes the complex and makes it easy to digest... I've read Dan Kennedy and all those guys but it's *a lot* of material. The McIntyre Method takes the complex and makes it easy to digest. Drew Sanocki Entrepreneur Mary Kate Consultant $15k in 25 days... I was able to use what I learned in the course to help with fundraising for a school client - $15k in 25 days, which may not sound like a lot, but for this school it is a big deal. LOVE your stuff and LOVE the masterclass! DAMN! Your Spielberg email rocks! Sent it to my list the other day and got 3 ebook sales! LOVE your stuff and LOVE the masterclass! Josh London Copywriter Anthony Fasano Coach and Speaker Generated $600 in one week... John McIntyre’s Masterclass is awesome. In the first week after I watched his free webinar, I used his strategy to generate $600 in one week (3 sales)... and that just from his free webinar! Then I decided to fully invest in his program, and since then, I’ve generated more sales, and again, I haven’t even completed my autoresponder series. So I just want to say thanks John so much $2,000 with a couple of emails... With the advice he gave, I made just under $2,000 with a couple of emails. Mike Samuels Copywriter Julian Kitagawa Teacher Last month, I made four figures for the first time through my e-mails... I came across the McIntyre Method Masterclass in August. Now, I went through the course. I find that the style really resonated with me. I followed John’s advice pretty much word-for-word. I set it all up. And to make a long story short, last month, I made four figures for the first time through my e-mails. In fact, I made about $1,200 or something like that, which is not a massive amount of money, however, it is more than enough to fund my scientific research. That’s what the McIntyre Method did for me. I am pretty confident that it will do the same for you. No matter what niche you’re working in. No matter what kind of business you’ve gotten going. I’m pretty sure the McIntyre Method will work for you. My recommendation to you, as I said, is one, buy the course. Two, actually do and listen to what John says. I can 100% vouch for the McIntyre Method... I can 100% vouch for the McIntyre Method. I wasn’t expecting optins to go from 10ish a day to 45 and 30, but it did! Current iteration of the site is highest converting to date largely due to @JohnMcIntyre_ Brendan Tully Consultant Barbara Fernandez Health Coach Holy ****. THANK YOU!! You’ve just set me up with autoresponders for a year. Holy ****. THANK YOU!! You’ve just set me up with autoresponders for a year. I totally get it. What’s more I will be implementing it TODAY. I’m now so excited I can’t type fast enough. It remains to me to say a big thank you John - and it goes without saying that if you ever want any brain fuel recipes for those long workdays when you’re not in a coffee shop, well, you have only to ask. I mean it. Thank you! Enroll Now Or Watch Their Videos Instead... "Buy the McIntyre Method Masterclass and DO what John says..." "Highly recommended if you want to grow your business through your email list instead of a website that sits there and does nothing..." "John McIntyre's Masterclass is AWESOME. I generated $600 in one week, and I haven't even completed my email autoresponder..." "When John offers you advice, you can be sure of 2 things; one, it's based in reality, and two, he's done it himself. That's what makes him different." Enroll Now A Word Of Warning: This Ain’t No Fancy Production... The McIntyre Method Masterclass is just me on screen, explaining the process I use to write email autoresponder sequences for clients. So if you’re expecting HD video of a professional speaker in a suit-n-tie running around a stage like a motivation guru then this program isn’t for you. My focus is on quality content delivery only. If that’s cool with you, you’re going to get a ton of value out of this program. OH! By the way... The McIntyre Method Masterclass Includes A FREE BONUS Called Copywriting For Conversions... BONUS TRAINING: Copywriting for Conversions Copywriting For Conversions is an audio-only training course that teaches you exactly how to write copy that converts. Whether you want to write an email, a sales page, a landing page, an about page, or anything else, Copywriting For Conversions will give you the tricks and tools to write copy that makes clients beg for more. In Copywriting For Conversions, you'll discover: why the single most important thing in copywriting is NOT the copy (and what you need to focus on BEFORE you write a word of copy) [Lesson 1] the no-brainer formula ALL good sales copy follows [Lesson 1] one of the biggest mistakes everyone makes when they first start writing sales copy [Lesson 1] why copywriting is like cooking (and why thinking like a chef will transform your copy from lacklustre to SPANKIN’) [Lesson 2] how to mix and match words to create the ultimate elixir of persuasion [Lesson 2] the brain dead simple copy editing technique that can take average copy and make it shine like gold [Lesson 2] the ultimate goal of all persuasion-based material (paradoxically, the point is NOT to persuade someone to do something, at least in the traditional sense) [Lesson 3] 7 “psychological hot buttons” that hack your prospect’s brain and seemingly force him to do what you want (when you use these hot buttons properly, your prospect simply CANNOT refuse to do what you tell him to do) [Lesson 3] the DAP formula, my 3-step “hot button hacking process” for writing any type of copy (works especially well for emails, sales letters and optin pages) [Lesson 3] 2 mind-blowingly simple persuasion formulas that make cold prospects do what you want (plus, how to blend these formulas together to make a hell of a conversion recipe) [Lesson 4] what the latest “quantum physics” research can teach you about writing red hot copy (and why you need to think like einstein to be a good copywriter) [Lesson 4] why even the world’s best copywriters use formulas to write their copy (model the best and you’ll become the best) [Lesson 4] the idiot-proof method to developing your copywriting chops (if you use this method, your copy will be so hot it SIZZLES, whether you’re writing emails, sales pages, landing pages and absolutely anything else for that matter) [Lesson 5] how to make success inevitable (do or do not, there is no try – yoda) [Lesson 5] the third and final step that you CANNOT ignore [Lesson 5] Enroll Now 100% Money Back Guarantee Don’t Decide Now… Try The Masterclass Risk FREE With My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee It’s Yours Without Risking A Penny The proof of the McIntyre Method Masterclass, of course, is in the results it produces for YOU. That’s why you can go through the training AT MY RISK. Watch the videos. Do the assignments. Apply the McIntyre Method formula. And if you are anything less than simply delighted with your results, send me a quick email within 30 days and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked. Be astounded by the results it produces for you. Experience the increase in bottom line revenue. See the thankful emails you receive from customers. It is never too late to build a relationship with your list. It’s never too late to build an automatic sales machine. The opportunity is here, on this page, in the order form below. Why not sign up – at my risk – today! For A Very Limited Time, You Can Enroll In The McIntyre Method 4-Week Email Copywriting Masterclass For Just Mary KateConsultant $15k in 25 days... Blake Sterling Copywriter I'm impressed by your willingness to share your info. Julian Kitagawa Teacher Last month, I made four figures for the first time through my e-mails... McIntyre Method Includes the McIntyre Method Masterclass, plus ALL bonuses. McIntyre Method Masterclass ($1,997 Value) How To Tell Stories That Sell ($997 Value) Copywriting For Conversions ($997 Value) 12 Audio Training Sessions ($2,997 Value) BONUS #1: How To Get Email Copywriting Clients ($997 Value) BONUS #2: "Fill In The Blanks" 10-Email Campaign ($997 Value) BONUS #3: Sales Scripts And Email Templates ($4,997 Value) Total Value: $13,979 Sign up today for just: $1,997 ENROLL NOW If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten. [Hidden Content]
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  8. Hi there! Many users send me daily new requests for various things, eBooks, Courses, Programs.... So here you go! A Request Subforum.. Request anything you like, eBooks, Courses, Special tutorials, items! You ask the members, members help you out. This is how you need to do it (this takes only 30 SECONDS) : 1. Go to this link: [Hidden Content] 2. Create A new Topic 3. Fill in the Following: What (The Category): for example: ( A Course, An eBook, A Program, A Special Training Program) Title Of The Item: Authors Name: Sales Page: Price of the Item: 4. Finally post it: After you have posted it we will get back to you as soon as possible (USUALLY WITHIN 24 HOURS) Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) How can i start? How does this service work? How often can i use this service? What is the price of it? How many hours takes it to deliver the item? Do i need to pay? Who will send the item i requested? (Who will help me?) (Who will process the request?) How will the item be sent?
  9. Now obviously I can't guarantee any number of $$ that YOU will earn because it all depends on your skills, determination, time invested and so on.Also as with many methods this isn't a quick money method either. So don't expect earnings from day one or expect big numbers after a week because it just don't work like that! As said above, it will all depend on YOU!The reason I am sharing this method with some of my own tweaks is because I don't have time to scale this as currently I am pursuing a different path within IM.Because of this reason I can't show you any big results but if you use your brain you will understand soon the potential of this. I did some small tests and had leads very fast!This method works for chaturbate but it basically works for any similar site.This is NOT an e-whoring method, you don't have to chat to anyone nor do you have to sell them anything. In this method you are more like an Agent or running a fan page promoting a real model.Keep in mind there is always the chance you get certain accounts here and there banned, this is just part of IM, only learning from trial and error will bring you success! I will take no responsibility for anything You fuck up!So if you got the time to invest and don't give up easy let's get things started, if you are lazy like 90% move along and wait for that one easy fast method (which will come never) LET'S BEGIN! NEEDED: Brains Chaturbate Account YouTube account Tagged account Some Video Ripper (if needed) A Basic Photo&Video Editor Comes In Handy optional Fb, IG, Twitter, Pinterest etc Tumblr, Blogger, wordpress.com etc Badoo, Meetzur, Tinder etc Some porn accounts As said, you can use this method on many sites and many ways if you use your grey mass a bit but I'm gonna use Chaturbate to get an idea.I will talk about different platforms which I won't go into too much detail on how to configure them and setting them up because it would be too much to type out you just have to test some shit out As most big (cam) sites chaturbate has an affiliate program and usually you can find the link somewhere in the footer so go over to www.chaturbate.com and scroll to the bottom and click the affiliates link...HEY!!! I SAID CLICK THE AFFILIATES LINK, NOT CHECK OUT A CAM SHOW!!!!Jk but 4real, the chance you get distracted with any method involving naked people is quite high When I did a bit of porn re-uploading (I like the method in this post better) I would get distracted all the time NOTE I actually forgot my password so had to reset it to login again and to my surprise when I was checking the affiliate stats I'm still getting leads of something I put up almost a year ago No big money of-course as I didn't scale at all, didn't do any promotion for it at least for 9 months and only made one page but you can imagine if you would scale this and put some time into it what it could bring you.Now I didn't pay much attention back then and was also focused on short term payouts so I choose the Pay Per Registration method but YOU should choose the Revshare payout which I will explain how to setup in this guide.As you see above, not a lot of money but considering I haven't logged into chaturbate and didn't do anything for almost a year it's still making me beer money I didn't had before but yeah if you spend time and scale this shit you could make some serious cash. RESEARCH&SETUP So by now you should have registered for Chaturbate which was the easy part. Now we need to find a girl or multiple ones but let's start with one.On a side-note, it doesn't have to be women of-course, you could also go for males or trannies which has also plenty of potential as there are plenty of freaks out there. To be honest I think trannies and gays have even a bigger potential as it will have less competition.If you don't like watching those kind of things then don't, me personally DGAF as long as it can turn into some cash.For this guide I will use as an example a girl but feel free to experiment with all genders Step 1 find a profile that has good stats, you can find the stats when you.....Sorry about that, saw this crazy hot tattooed redhead and got a bit distracted, focus!!!Anyway, checked an other profile and you can find the stats when you scroll down (on desktop) it will be below the chat.Because I am posting this in public I can't mention the profile name for obvious reasons but I choose this profile while I type this for the purpose of this guide so semi-live She has 99% thumbs up which is pretty good considering she has 371263 followers. The amount of people that took the time to like/dislike might seem small for that many followers but there are accounts that have way more followers which don't have any rating at all Certain names seem to work better than others, especially names that are like girlsname98,99,00 because you always have the perverts who dig girls as young as possible but stats are more important.Step 2 so now you found a profile who you want to promote see if you can find some non-nude photo's of her.Some profiles might already have some non-nude public photo's. This chick has 1 which is this one:Now there are several ways to get a few more.1: take a screenshot when the model is live and if the person in question isn't completely nude yet take a couple screenshots.2: go to google images and type "chaturbate /herprofilename/" and most likely you will see plenty of photo's of her and collect a bunch where the model isn't nude.There should be plenty Step 3 create a tagged profile.Now even though I registered with my VPN I could still only add city's in my own country, don't worry about it you can change this later on.In your profile info set your relationship status to " single" and orientation to "Bi".As I said in the beginning of the guide, I wouldn't go into too much detail of setting it all up, just enter stuff You would like to see or what others would probably would like to see.So fill out the "about me" section with stuff your targets would probably like. I didn't fill it all out because I only set this all up for this guide.I got no fucking clue what "pets" is but I just set this profile up and already getting plenty of views and actions (alerts) and we haven't even gotten to the main part.Step 4 IMPORTANT now I have seen a couple guides that look similar to mine but these noobs made one critical error!On every chaturbate profile there is a tab called shareAnd they will tell you to use those links.. That would be a BIG fucking mistake!!!If you will use those links you will only get 10 tokens for each member that will register through your link.. Well fuck that!! I want $$You will be needing a custom link! Go click the affiliates link again in the footer of chaturbate.HEY PAY ATTENTION!!Then go to "Linking Code" Scroll all the way down till you see "Your Chat Room (even if oflline) under the Revshare:20% section.So the link would be Code: [Hidden Content] The chatroom name of the model you want to target is behind the /. So chaturbate.com/bhwisonefatho so your revshare link would be Code: [Hidden Content] Test the link first before you use it Shortlink It now normally I would go with bit.ly for short links but they are kinda bitches when it comes to certain things and when you shorten porn stuff with them the user will see a warning first so go with bit.do.Step 5 now that you created the correct afflink and shortened it it's time to implement it. Unfortunately tagged don't allow html links, I'm sure there are some similar sites out there that allow it but nothing comes to mind for me but do use them if they are out there but anyway, just upload a photo on tagged and watermark the link in there like so.Sidenote so in this guide I'm using tagged as landing page but you could use anything you like, even better would be your own (sub)domain as you could monetize that with banners, build an email list, add multiple links and multiple girls.Step 6 to get some extra people to your profile go play the "meet me" game on tagged.Just press like on every profile and you will match very soon, you don't need to chat with any of them!The purpose is to let em check your profile and if they are interested enough they will check out your link.So everywhere put something like, " If You Want To See Me/talk to me Check [Hidden Content] Tagged has an App so get it on your phone and if you are bored just play the "Meet Me" game and keep pressing like again so it seems you are online, you don't have to chat with anyone and it will still send you traffic.Step 7 for this step there are multiple options but I am going with YouTube. Try to find non-nude videos of the targeted model on porn sites. Twerking, dancing whatever as long as it's not nude.When searching for those videos just type in the search of the porn sites "chaturbate usernameofmodel" and most likely you will find videos but again, if you don't find any just screen record a few where your model isn't nude Rip and edit the video or screen record it and upload it to YT. As long as it doesn't show nudity you should be fine. You can add some sexy music with it or just the original sound, it's up to you.Just make the description and title interesting and link em to your tagged account, don't link em straight to the chaturbate room as you will most likely get banned.Obviously you will have to be creative with what you type, what works for me might not work for you and vice versa., try shit out. CONCLUSION So this is pretty much the basic foundation! You can tweak this in many ways but it's up to you to find out what will work best! SOME BONUS STUFF Social Media obviously you can make an IG/Twitter account of the model you want to promote. Just build em up like any other account, don't post nudes and don't add a link TOO soon! Interact with the followers and when you account is aged redirect them to the landing page which in this case is on tagged.You can make a FB page but as we all know FB has become very strict so I wouldn't bother but you could always experiment with it.I would use my own domain as a lander but that will cost a little bit of money Classifieds this method will cost a little bit of money too and a disposable cell number. Now you can use your local classifieds websites which in my case worked good but if you are targeting the USA you should place an ad on www.backpage.comYou will be placing an Ad in " Women Seeking Men" it's up to you to select the city and neighborhood but I would choose one that has many people living together. For this you need a disposable number to get the ad verified.Again, not going to spoonfeed you what you should place in the ad as it comes with trial and error but you would be linking your ad to IG(or any other lander that works) and your IG to your landing page. (tagged in this case)Tinder Or Similar Stuff just type some interesting stuff in the bio and add a link to your lander and like everything or connect the IG profile. Again you don't have to chat with anyone.Porn Upload Method IMO the porn Upload method is very hard to gain success with unless you will rise above the rest.Meaning, some will read the method and upload 50 movies and bitch about it while a small few will upload 5000 vids and bank hard Same with this method. Create a profile as your model, upload vids, put a link in your profile to your landing page or/and watermark the URL to your landing page.And I could continue with tons of tweaks but you will need to find your path yourself! FINAL WORDS You can implement this method in tons of ways you just need to be a little creative FINAL WORDS Now I could probably build a blog around this method(as some do) and monetize it and collect mails or put it in an eBook and sell it as a crappy $9.95 WSO. Even though I will probably sell some things in an eBook form in the future for me it's not all about the money. If you liked this post let me know.
  10. Today I am going to share with you an intersting method - how to create unlimited VCCs for free. You can use them everywhere and for everything. The method is valid for both Visa and Mastercard. What's the unique here? - You can choose a name on the card (if you need this for verification somewhere) - You can fund them easily (for example - Ahrefs trial) - You can create unlimited cards The method 1. Go to Google Play or App store and download the iCard app. Open the registration page: 2. Choose a phone number. If you don't want to fund them use a free SMS receiver. I 1 number - 1 account. Try to find an unpopular service . 3. I know that for creating multiple cards and accounts is not easy when creating real mails. Go to dispostable.com for immediate receiving OR just create a gmail account with the phone you've just used 3. Type your names And...here you go! You get 2 free VCCs - 1 mastercard and 1 visa. If you want more, you will need to verify your acc and pay 1 euro for each card (which is better than $10 which is the common price). However, you can still fund them easily - just use your real debit or credit card. I'd say this is a really convinient app - using this to pay across the internet for month (because I won't share my real credit card details with anyone). It works exactly as a real card - fund and use.
  11. Hello there, I recently did two posts on E-commerce/Dropshipping and received a common question- Is E-commerce/Dropshipping business model Dead? So, I see a lot of talk going around in the industry about how the whole E-com/Dropshipping business model is now dead and too saturated. And while many of these people are busy complaining about how E-com/Dropshipping is now dead - there's many people making five or even six figures/day with it. Like literally, one of my friend is making close to $300k per month on a niche-based store (completely unsaturated and rarely touched!) Here's a few tips to build and grow a successful eCommerce/Dropshipping Business: - 1. Don't rely completely on Chinese Dropshipping - Use it only to test products or for small scale businesses. If you're going long-term, opt for anything but Chinese. Indeed their rates are less, but quality and customer satisfaction matters too, right? Focus on making your customers happy, you'll eventually succeed. For some reason people seem to confuse the E-com/Dropshipping model with Chinese Dropshipping and use both terms together when describing the downfall of Dropshipping. Although it is recommend that you test products using Aliexpress or Alibaba before you actually warehouse them, etc. One thing to know- E-commerce doesn't mean Dropshipping. Dropshipping is a subset of E-commerce. Dropshipping is somewhat of an unreliable business model to scale your business, test products and then instantly move on to better business models like Private Label, Manufacturing etc. eCommerce includes multiple business models such as Print On Demand, Private Labeling, Wholesaling/Warehousing, Manufacturing your own products, etc. All in all - if you use the Internet to sell products, its eCommerce. 2. Merchants were making around $870k/minute and did a total of $1.5 billion + in sales in One Weekend! During the Black Friday weekend last year, merchants on Shopify were killing it. So - eCommerce/Dropshipping is definitely not dead! Heck, we made six figures selling a simple collectible item too. 3. Funnels are always helpful as a landing page and for highly boosting your conversions. If you can build the right funnels and leverage them, you can scale your business to the sky. The E-com Businesses that will survive moving forward are not the ones that solely rely on one product or businesses that try to make a huge profit with one product and a cross sell. The businesses that will survive are those that will be the best at building strong customer acquisition systems and having a solid back end to up-sell these customers on other products. Dial in the front end and the back end products and then pump fuel into your business (Traffic) - this is the new age way of growing your business. Facebook Ads have gotten slightly more expensive and they also survey your customers to see if the product was delivered at the right time and was in a good condition - if you're a pure aliexpress dropshipper, get ready to start seeing some major damage done to your facebook ad accounts too. This is much easier done with using funnels for your business than Shopify alone. 4. Have Great Customer Service. The Frequency of Purchase of Customers is very important. You want to give your customers amazing customer service! Here's the deal- You want your customers to buy from you again and again. Not just once... Not just twice... But multiple times! Deliver great products on time, make great offers and treat your customers like someone valuable to you and this will be/make you feel more than easy to do. 5. Increase Frequency of Purchase. A Majority of the Sales during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend last year came from Email Marketing! I'm sure a majority of these lists of Buyers too! Another great tip to make people buy from you multiple times is to make great offers and run a ton of re-targeting ads to these offers. Which brings us to to the next point.... 6. Demolish your Competition. We can all agree that that's way too many selling the same exact products. How do you separate yourself from the competition? Strong Offers/ Angles! If you and 10 others are selling a simple product - you want the customer to buy from you - not anyone else. How do you do this? Here's a few ideas: - Offer #1 - Sell it at the cheapest price. If everyone else is selling it at $20, sell it at $10. I wouldn't recommend this angle if you're just getting started though. Once you get your numbers down and have a strong back-end offer - you can afford to lose money on the front end just to acquire a customer because you know you'll make it back with the back-end offers. Offer #2 - Build out a Niche Store. The Good Part about Niche Stores are that a lot of times your customer trusts you higher compared to the general stores. They assume that you are the manufacturer. General Stores look like a scam - build out a great store that looks trustworthy and build it to conquer a niche and you automatically erase half of your competition. I have many more ideas which I'll cover in a future post but I hope this post helped you!
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